Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Reasons Why You Don't Make Much In Network Marketing Business

Have you ever tried any network marketing business and didn't make any good money or you felt you just wasted your time? There are tangible reasons why it turned out that way. Its not really because you ran out of luck like most people think! The reasons are simple! But first, let me tell you something about the power of the internet.
Looking at the speed of the internet and internet driven businesses against the traditional businesses, one can safely conclude that the internet recorded better successes faster than any other work of technology. The internet   in its first 5 years had over 50 million users, the television took 13 years to reach that stage and the radio took 38 years. Companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Paypal, Yahoo etc have all proved that the internet is indeed a gold mine. If you already know all these and tried to leverage on the power of the internet and network marketing, you can be the next internet millionaire sharing success stories!

Now let me show you the reasons why you failed in making much from your network marketing:

1. You didn't understand how the network works:
The same way a child doesn't know what to do with a car handed to him is the same way you would be clueless about internet marketing if you don't seek answers. Firstly you must understand the system and understand who the target audiences are. If you are marketing health products, you know that youll sell more in places where there more sick people willing to pay to get products that will improve their health. You should understand the weakness that the targeted people will be willing to fill once you tell them about the need to join your network program or buy what you are marketing. Here is the logic, generally unemployment is a general problem and even those employed are complaining of low earning or salary. The thing is that network marketing will thrive better in larger areas for both the employed and the unemployed because everyone needs to make more money. 

2: You weren't at the right location:
You really need to understand how powerful it is to choose the right location for any business. Location is everything and the best location is the place where people are willing and eager to join your moving train. For you to stand out, your location plays a very vital role and thats how its should be. You need to position yourself somewhere you are sure to get people buying your products or joining your network. For example, you cannot be promoting or selling a high sugar products, cholesterol or fatty food to people in the hospital, or those who are actually looking for ways to lose weight.

3: You were a bad marketer:
The general description of a bad marketer is someone who cannot talk; convince a potential customer into buying his or her product or convince people to join his network. In network marketing, a good spokesman is on top of the game. Try to understand what your potential customer need and then try to talk the person into giving your product a shot. Find problems your products were made to solve and look for people with such problems to market your products to. 

Be bold enough to convince people to join your network even if they give 101 reasons why they won't. Mind you; you have a very short time to do this. When you receive a "I will get back to you response", make sure you check back on them with more convictions.

4: You are the opposite of what you are marketing:
Have you ever wondered why upcoming artists dress like they have it all even before releasing their first track? Have you ever asked yourself why bank officials are always on suit even when they are not the richest or most professional? Now let me tell you one thing you may have been missing as a marketer; packaging the way you appear and the way you talk is one of the essential tools that must be taken into good consideration. Nobody would want to buy health products from someone whos looking sickly! Neither would anyone give a hungry person money to invest for him. Don't be the one receiving all the time, once in a while give and act like a boss. Package and appear like a boss before approaching someone for a business talk. One look at you and they would be the one asking all the necessary questions.

5: You don't have proof to back yourself up:
You may not be making much in network marketing because you may be missing one or all these proofs:
1). Established Reputation
2). Physical prove
3). Referrals

a) Established reputation: For you to have a reputation in any industry, you must have helped, grown, said or written down different results helping others which in turn makes you appear as an expert in that industry. For this, when you write or give any review and/or recommendation about a product or network, people tend to follow your advice because you have proven to be a reputable person.
2) Physical Proof: Here you already have something as an evidence to show to the people you're trying to convince to buy a particular product. It could be an improvement on your appearance or any other physical change you can boast of.
3) Referrals: People referring you to people can be the best form of any marketing. The best form of advertisement is Direct Communication. People tend to like or want to buy a product just by hearing good feedback from people who have used that product even though they might have watched same thing on an advert for over 50 times without liking or trying to buy that product. 

6: You had a bad communication skill:
There are different ways to approach people at different times and you should try to master the art. Read books on public management, customer relation and marketing etiquette and learn how to talk to people and pass a message across convincing them they need to buy from you or join you.

7: You are promoting the wrong product:
Make sure you try to find out what the people in your surrounding needs then get the best product to fill that problem. You can also get related products and try solution selling where you give them reasons why they need your product and convince them to buy from you.

If you still need more convincing, here are ome popular men in the world who have endorsed network marketing:

- Bill Clinton:
The former United States President, Bill Clinton in a video statement while in office said that Network Marketing and Direct Sales people have helped in keeping the American dream alive and that they not only strengthen the economy of the country but also strengthen part of the global movement that promotes enterprise and rewards individual initiatives.

- Robert Kiyosaki:
Robert Kiyosaki, an American investor, businessman, self-help author, motivational speaker, game inventor, financial literacy activist and occasional financial commentator is best known for his ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ series of motivational books and has written over 15 books which have combined sales of over 26 Million copies.

On Network Marketing, he said that Network Marketing is an asset, not a job. It is a B-quadrant business because it meets several criteria like Leverage, Control, Creativity, Expandability and Predictability which one looks for in a business or investment.

- Donald Trump:
An American real-estate mogul, television personality and author, currently the President of the United States and ranked No. 17 on the 2011 Forbes Celebrity 100 list. He is very much actively involved in network marketing as he is the owner of a newly launched Network Marketing Company called The Trump Network.

- Warren Buffet:
An American business magnate, investor and philanthropist, Buffet is widely regarded as the most successful investor in the world. Often introduced as the Legendary investor, Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and was ranked the Worlds Wealthiest person in 2008 and in 2011, 2012 and 2015 the third wealthiest person in the world.
When referring to Network Marketing business, he said it is the best investment he has ever made.

Even with all these good things flying around about network marketing, you still need to be careful not to fall a victim of the wrong system. Make deep research about a network marketing system before diving into it. Ask questions and keep asking till you are convinced they are not after your money and not your progress! 
So, let's hear your network marketing stories! What has worked for you so far? What hasn't? or are you one of those who prefer not to go that way?

Monday, 22 January 2018

How To Prepare Chocolate Chip Muffins

Hello food lovers! I just got this new recipe Ill like to share. Well, it may not be really new but its new to me. Chocolate chip muffins are delicious treats that are great for breakfast or even as dessert after dinner. They are the perfect muffins for true chocolate lovers, as they are chocolate flavored and also loaded with chocolate chips. Trust me, for a rich and satisfying treat, make a batch of chocolate chip muffins and enjoy them when they are still warm or at room temperature. 
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Here are ingredients you need to make your own chocolate chips at home:
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 cup cocoa powder
1 cup chocolate chips
1/2 cup granulated white sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
3/4 cup milk
1/3 cup vegetable or canola oil
1 large egg

And here is the method of preparation:
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1.  Turn the oven up to 400 degrees and wait for it to preheat completely. Use waiting time to make the muffin batter.
2. Mix the dry ingredients; flour, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, sugar, baking powder, baking soda and salt in a large bowl. Stir all the ingredients together with a large spoon until they are all mixed together.
3. Break the egg into a small bowl and use a fork to mix. Make sure that the yolk and the egg white are completely blended.
4. Mix the liquid ingredients; whisked egg, milk and oil in a large bowl and whisk the ingredients together until they are all mixed.
5. Pour the mixed dry ingredients little by little into the mixed liquid ingredients and stir continuously. Stir until all the ingredients are combined. Make sure not to over-stir, as this can change the consistency of the muffins.
6. Grease the muffin pans using butter or vegetable oil or insert muffin paper or aluminum wrappers into each pan. Greasing the pan ensures that the muffins wont stick to the pan after they've baked. Using muffin wrappers lets you skip the process of greasing the pan and ensures that the muffins will come out of the pan easily after they are baked.
7. Pour or spoon the batter into the muffin pans. Smooth the tops of the batter with a spoon if they're uneven on top. You can also hold the muffin tin in each hand and shake it gently side to side to make sure that the batter lays flat in each pan.
8. If you wish, sprinkle some chocolate chips and sparkling sugar on top of each compartment of batter. This will give the top of each muffin more texture and sweetness. You can skip this step if you want a more consistent texture for your muffins.
9.Put the muffin tin in the oven and bake for 18-22 minutes. After 18 minutes, poke one muffin with a toothpick. If it comes out clean, take out the muffins. If not, keep checking every minute until the toothpick comes out completely clean.
10. Take the muffins out when baked and wait for it to cool. Even if you want to enjoy the muffins warm, wait for a few minutes before taking them out of the muffin pan. Waiting for a bit helps the muffins to solidify and come out of the pan easily. If you used muffin wrappers, just lift each muffin out of the pan by the wrapper and place them on the cooling rack.
11. If you want to eat your muffins while they're warm, take the muffins off the cooling rack and enjoy. If you prefer room temperature muffins that are slightly firmer, wait until they have completely cooled and enjoy with a chilled drink or beverage. 
NB: To prevent the muffins from getting stale, store uneaten ones in an airtight container.
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Trust me, there's no way you wont love these beauties! Plus, your tastebuds would thank you for the treat!

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Things You Should Never Say To A Lady

Girls can be carefree and also emotional at the same time. They love to hear you say positive things about them and can also be easily swayed by words. Though not all of them share this trait, a good number of them are conscious of what people say to them. Saying the wrong thing to them can be disastrous. 

To save yourself from having a crying or very emotional lady in your hands, avoid saying these things to them:

1. You've Gained Weight:
You’ve decided to jump straight in there with perhaps the most unforgivable and not to mention mean thing a guy can say to a girl. Talking about a woman’s weight in any way won’t ever be well-received. If you want to send your message across, do it subtly and don't make it sound like she let herself lose and has been stuffing chocolates and junks down her throat! Some girls may deliberately ask to hear what you'll say. My advice, don't take the bait the way it looks. 

2. You’re 100% Wrong:

No one ever likes to be told they are wrong, especially not the ladies. Guys, here’s a little tip, girls prefer a good old-fashioned debate rather than being told they are outright wrong about something. Even if they really are, prove it to them without making them feel like they are dumb. 

3. You Talk Too Much:
Telling a woman she talks too much is playing into one of the ultimate stereotypes, which by the way most of them don’t appreciate! If she talks too much (of course that's almost inevitable), give her space to talk her heart out even if you are listening with half interest. If you can't handle her talk or it's blowing your ears out, gently make her keep quiet or shut her up with a kiss. 

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4. You're A Girl You Can’t Do That:

Outright sexism is something a woman just won’t accept in any way, shape or form. Women can do absolutely anything they set their minds to and are equally as brilliant as guys. So telling her she can't do something especially because of her gender is in all way wrong. She may feel challenged to go ahead with it (which may be good. Or may turn out bad). Gently tell her it's too harsh for her and you wouldn't want her to get hurt. Showing you care is better than making her feel incapable. 

5. I Don't Like Your Hair:
Never ever insult a woman’s hair! Negative opinions on how a woman looks will never get a laugh out of her even if you don't mean it. A woman can spend a lot of time in front of a mirror fixing her hair, and you coming up in 4 seconds to tell her you don't like it is not going to go down well. That remark can change her mood till she leaves your presence! Plus it can cause insecurity and low esteem!

6. You'd Be Prettier If You Smiled More:

To a woman, this basically translates into you don’t look very pretty and you look completely miserable. Guys, a little heads-up, don’t ever say this to a woman or you might get a mascara wand down your throat.

7. How Old Are You?:
Well, unless you both have reached the level of ask and you shall receive answers or you are simply playing a game; asking a woman her age will never go down well in any circumstance and trust me, you won’t want to see what happens when a women gets offended. She may decide to tell you on her own! But DON'T force the question on her. 

8. How Many Partners Have You Had?:

This conversation will almost definitely come up at one point or another, but guys, let the topic come  naturally and don’t force the answer out of a woman because she won’t appreciate it. Allow her do the confessing in her own time and without pressure.  

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9. How Much Do You Earn?:
The same way you don't like being asked, same goes for asking a woman how much she earns. If she wants to tell you, she will when she’s ready. Your prying is likely to make her feel uncomfortable and suspicious so let her take her time.

10. Calm Down:

Women know how to manage their anger and don’t need to be told by anyone to calm down, it will only make them madder. Plus, they will never agree that they aren't calm. But if she's acting all crazy and you really need her to calm down, gently pat her back and tell her to relax. 

11. You Look Tired:
Telling a woman she looks tired is basically like telling her she doesn’t look her best and no one out there wants to hear that. Yes, you may feel concerned that she's actually looking tired but she won't see it that way. Better to ask what's stressing her out. 

12. You’re Too Sensitive:
For a woman, hearing she is too sensitive pretty much has the same effect on her as hearing she is weak. Yes they know they are sensitive, just don't rub it in like it's their fault! 

13. I Don't Like Your Girlfriends:

Having a group of amazing girlfriends that are there to support you is one of the best feelings in the world. Women typically have really tight knit friendships and insulting their friends would be massively overstepping the line. Don't make her send you to hell for saying her choice of friends sucks! If you don't like them and want her to avoid them, calmly try to see reason with her without bringing insult into it. 

14. Your Family Are Boring:
Many girls are really close to their families and would do anything for them. Women have really impressive family values and can’t really deal with hearing that someone doesn’t appreciate their family as much as they do. Don't ever mention that to her even if it's true. 

15. You’re Overreacting:
Huh? I'll advice you don't use overreacting in the same sentence with girls! The word ‘overreacting’ could trigger a huge meltdown, so guys try to avoid using it at all costs. If you mention that to her, you are only going to end up explaining the instrument you used to measure her actions because you won't hear the end of it. 

Well, the problem is that most guys don't really see much harm in some of these comments, but trust me, these are comments you should not make directly to a lady. 

On the other hand, tell her sweet words and nice comments and you'll find out you just bought yourself a loyal friend! 

What do you think? 

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Healthy Ways You can Manage Asthma

Surely we know that purity of air will drastically decrease over the years due to fossil fuel gas emissions. Have you ever sat down to think about the air you breathe in now? Or have you ever thought of the millions of people who suffer asthma worldwide? 

Asthma is a respiratory condition which can cause the bronchi in the lungs to start having spasm attacks that can cause breathing difficulties. Asthma can affect people of all ages and typical symptoms include chest pains, shortness of breath, obstructed airways, uncontrollable coughing etc. These kinds of attacks, in most cases, occur multiple times a day. Some people experience these attacks couple of times a week. It is caused by numerous factors such as: air pollution, allergies, respiratory infections, stress, medication, obesity, premature birth, etc. 

If you are asthmatic, you may know that it can really be a worrisome and even overwhelming experience. 

In view of this, here are some ways you can manage your condition and stay comfortable and happy most of the time:

1. Face the condition head on:
Since asthma directly affects the lungs it is important to stay away from polluted air and water. Always keep in mind the importance of a regular and healthy diet. If you do not eat regularly and drink warm liquids, you not only risk asthma attacks, but are susceptible to other respiratory illnesses as well. Additionally, an asthma patient should typically avoid large gatherings with cigarette smoke filled rooms. 

Everything you need in order to take care of the symptoms caused by asthma can be found in a typical household. Although, there is no permanent cure for asthma, its symptoms can be reduced. If you were recently diagnosed with asthma try to relax as often as you can and avoid stressful situations. Get to know yourself better. Don’t let this condition rule your life because there are methods that can keep it under control.

2. Exercise more:
As an asthmatic patient you may have never considered working out. But do you know there are cool workouts you can engage in that are easy and safe for you to try out. First of all you should learn how to control your asthma and know how to prevent symptoms from occurring, or at least how to anticipate them. You’ll be surprised to know that even Olympic athletes take asthma medication - so there is no need to quit working out. 

The first step to proper asthma control is proper medication. In order to change your routine and start living a healthier life you should start with the easiest exercise - walking. Try going on walks with a partner or by yourself. The more you walk the more you will be able to prolong the intervals between attacks. Next you should try yoga. Experts believe that by practicing yoga, you can help your lungs use more of their capacity and thus reduce the need for asthma medication. 

If you like basketball, football, or any other kind of sport, do not be scared of playing it. The key to staying healthy and still be able to keep asthma attacks at bay is to at least keep an inhaler at hand.

3. Purify the air:
Ideally, you would want to live and work in an environment with fresh air. Air purifiers are something that has become a must-have in large offices, and homes of asthma patients nowadays. 

Air purifiers represent an affordable commodity and should certainly be present in any household. Since there are numerous air purification options available on the market, it's better to consult leading experts about your air purifier needs for home and office use.

4. Improve your diet:
If you want to avoid pharmacotherapy, you can use various remedies that you can make at home. 

For instance, clove which comes from dried buds of the Myrtaceae tree which grows in tropical climates throughout the world, is a home remedy for asthma. Boil 5-6 of them in half a glass of water, and if you want, you can enjoy it will milk or honey. Another example of a good home remedy is ginger. You can make juice from ginger and mix it with honey and pomegranate. Not everyone would consider Black tea and coffee to be asthma remedies, but they have proven to be quite effective. Although coffee is considered a drink for boosting energy, it is also great for unclogging air passages. If you are not a fan of coffee you should consider drinking Black Tea for same results. Onions are known to cure inflammation of any type and are also effective at clearing air passages, and if you are affected by asthma you should consume them more often. Try eating more fruit, and make sure to include strawberries, oranges, and lemons in your diet. Tuna is considered to be extremely effective in treating asthma related symptoms as well.

Lastly, stay hydrated always. Don't wait till your throat becomes patched before getting a drink. Always have a bottle of water around and drink often. 

Have it in mind that asthma is not really an excuse for you not to enjoy life to the fullest. Go after your dream, live happily and enjoy your life while you can. Stay safe too! 

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