Monday, 11 December 2017

Amazing Toothpaste Hacks That Will Make Life Easier For You

Well, everyone will agree with me that toothpaste is one of those household items that is never allowed to get exhausted! Do you know that toothpaste can do so many things other than clean your teeth and make it shine? 
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Let me show you the top 20 most amazing toothpaste hacks that will help you a lot and make life easier for you:

1. Deodorize baby bottles: Get rid of that stale milk smell from your children bottles with your handy toothpaste. You need to add some toothpaste in the bottle, then add warm water, shake well and wash it off with clean water.

2. Lighten discolored nails with whitening toothpaste: Toothbrush, toothpaste and a nail brush can be used to remove stains from the nails. Using the nail brush or toothbrush, apply whitening toothpaste to your nails and allow it stay for a while before washing off.

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3. Remove coffee or tea stains from a mug: To get rid of tea or coffee stains, just rub toothpaste into the stains with a sponge and wash it off.

4. Polish Silver: If your silver jewelries are losing shade and looking dull, your toothpaste can come to your rescue. Simply wet the silver jewelry with water. Apply a small amount of fluoride toothpaste on the silver. Rub the toothpaste into it slowly keeping it wet until the toothpaste becomes almost black. Leave it for about 2 minutes and wash it off. If there is a lot of tarnish,  repeat the process before  drying with a cloth.

5. Make bathroom mirror fog-free: Is your bathroom mirror always foggy after each bath?  Try adding a few dabs of toothpaste on the mirror glass and rub it in thoroughly. Wash it well and rinse off.

6. Remove permanent marker stains: Use toothpaste as a permanent marker remover from any surface eg wall, TV or even wood floor. Simply apply a small amount of regular toothpaste (avoid the gel kind) directly on permanent marker stains. Use a damp cloth to rub the toothpaste in. Wash the cloth and wipe off the toothpaste.

7. Whiten the rubber on shoes: I guess this is not the first time youve heard of this trick. Well if it is, heres how you can pull this off. Apply toothpaste on the shoes and using an old toothbrush, scrub away the dirt and grime from the shoes. Then, wipe and clean it with a damp cloth. Your shoes would appear different.

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8. Clean your iron: Toothpaste will help you to take off the rusty layer easily and it will make it look like new. Take some regular toothpaste and apply on the rusty or burnt part and allow to stay for a while before using a damp cloth or toilet roll to scrub away the mineral stains on your old iron plate. Dont leave it for too long because it may be difficult to remove toothpaste from all the holes later.

9. Remove Dye Stains: When you apply color to your hair, the risk of staining your hand and scalp is increased.  To get rid of those nasty stains, use toothpaste to scrub away the stains.

10. Mark where to hang a frame: The toothpaste will leave spots showing you where to hit the nail on the wall to get accurate placement. Dab some toothpaste onto the back of a frame or any wall decoration. Then hold and press the frame to the wall before removing and nailing in appropriate places.

11. Clean goggles: Use toothpaste to clean your swimming goggles or favorite shades. Simply use a damp cloth to apply it and wash off. In fact, to prevent fogging, rub a small amount of toothpaste on the goggles.

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12. Clean Piano Keys: Use your toothpaste to clean your piano keys. With time, the piano keys get oily due to dirt and dust. You can clean them, gently by rubbing the keys with toothpaste and then wiping it off using a clean cloth.

13. Removes crayon stains from the wall: Get rid of those stubborn crayon marks with toothpaste and it will get the crayon off without damaging the paintwork. Simply apply non-gel toothpaste to the stained wall. Then rub it with a clean and damp cloth or brush over it. The crayon marks will soon disappear.

14. Clean leather: The best way to clean your leather purses, coats or shoes is using toothpaste. For this, just a dab of toothpaste and a cloth will do the trick.

15. Remove onions smell: Get rid of the smell of onions by just washing your hands with a dab of toothpaste and similar unpleasant odors.

16. Heal Facial Blemishes: Toothpaste can help in healing blemishes and acnes quickly and reduce its size. Simply apply a small dot of toothpaste over a pimple at night.) After that you can wash it off the next morning.
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17. Get Rid Of Carpet Stains: You can get rid of those nasty stains from the carpet using a toothpaste and the stain will soon disappear. Just apply the toothpaste directly to the stain and rub strongly with a brush.  Then rinse off.

18. Get rid of ink, lipstick, or food marks from clothes: Toothpaste can remove lipstick, food or even ink stains from clothes. Just rub the toothpaste over the fabric or other surface and leave it. Then rinse with water. Repeat until the stain is gone.

19. Cleans Kitchen: Toothpaste can be used to clean kitchen from cleaning gas stoves to cleaning ovens. Use a non-gel toothpaste and spread it on the dirty kitchen area. Then use a dry cloth to wipe it off

20. Cleans Refrigerator: The toothpaste can cleanse your refrigerator and make it shine like new. The seal around the refrigerator door gets very dirty as the time passes and it can be very difficult to clean it. For this, simply add toothpaste to a toothbrush and scrub away the dirt.

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Well, that's how you can use your toothpaste to make life easy for you aside making your teeth white or cleaning your breathe! 

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Monday, 27 November 2017

Top Traits Of A Perfect Girlfriend

You've found yourself a cute and perfect guy and you don't want to lose him no matter what. Well, if you're looking for ways to keep your man happy, find out how to be a good girlfriend and treat him right. Though we are not totally perfect, there are some traits one need to have as a lady in order to be that perfect girlfriend your man will love. 

These traits are just the regular qualities we all know but explained with more emphasis. You may already be indulging in a few of these traits without realizing it. But if you aren't, perhaps its time to be a good girlfriend and make your man fall in love with you, more with each passing day.
The art of being a good girlfriend is simple. Make your man feel special and cared for, and he will love you for it. These tips work and if you build and develop the habit of doing most of these things, you will have a better advantage. If you're dating a guy who's perfect and makes you feel on top of the world, perhaps its time to return the favour. Even if he's not that perfect, just blow him off with these traits. Here are ten little things you can do for him that would impress him and make him desire you more than ever before:

1. Make him a better man: Relationship is not all about hanging out, companionship, sex, etc. A healthy relationship tries to tackle the present condition and the future to come. A good girlfriend doesn't just teach her man how to be romantic or chivalrous. She knows her boyfriend inside out and helps him fix his flaws and improves his imperfections.

One of the better traits of a good girlfriend is her interest and ability to mould her man to become the best he can ever be. The both of you must not be carried away by youthfulness because a time will come when only what and how the both of you plan the future determines the fate of you both staying in that relationship and trust me, no man will love to lose a woman with a good and promising future. Do you motivate your man to achieve his dreams? Do you talk about his future and his potentials? If you don't, make it a habit now.

2. Make your guy feel special: Assuming you're the guy in the relationship and all the time you are cuddling, caring, and doing all the sweet talking, wont you feel bored about the whole thing? Every guy loves to be pampered by his girlfriend, especially in front of others. Your guy may never acknowledge this. In fact, he may seem awkward or even embarrassed when you indulge in a bit of affection in public with him. But deep inside, he wants your attention.

In almost all relationships, its the guy who pursues the girl and tries to impress her. Perhaps, you can now return the favour by snuggling up to him when you're with other people. Believe me, there's nothing that screams she's my girl in your boyfriend's head better than this. Plus, he really enjoys the affection.

3. Allow yourself run wild sometimes: We all know that women always make it seem like being the first to make a move to make out or have sex is a mans job. You can be coy in bed for most of the time, but every now and then, take the lead and show him what you've got. Sometimes you need to show him the bad girl in you. A good girlfriend knows how to play coy but every now and then, she shows him a few sexy moves that can pleasantly surprise him and maybe make him want you more each time.

4. Impress his family and friends: If you call him your boyfriend, then you should try to represent him well before his friends and family, Play, adjust and align well with all his friends and family. If you want to know how to be a good girlfriend, this is a great move to start with. Your boyfriend may be smitten by you, but he's got a significant baggage that needs some impressing too. Every time you're with his friends or family, try to participate in the conversations and be cheerful around them.

Chances of losing him is very high when his friends and family dislikes you and will always leave the both of you alone whenever you are around. If he sees that you're bonding well and having a great time with his family and friends, you're probably going to see his eyes tearing up with happiness real soon!

 5. Want him more than you need him: Every guy dreams of getting a girl who's independent, but yet dependent. Some girls are rather clingy and need a boyfriends help for everything. On the other hand, we have a few other girls who are way too independent. Guys love the middle path. Every guy likes to be there for his girlfriend in her time of need. It may be his protective instinct or he may just want to impress you or please you.

If you don't really need him to help you, but you still want him around when you're doing something because you love his company, any guy would love you for that. Guys may appreciate an overly dependent girl or a completely independent girl at the beginning, but as the relationship grows, he'd fall more in love with a girl who doesn't always need him, but still wants him.

6. Earn his respect: Every woman wants to be treated with respect and men understand that. A good girlfriend doesn't just demand respect from her guy, she earns it. When you believe in yourself and your capabilities and have a strong and determined personality, it'll make your boyfriend respect you for the person you are. Learn to show off your capabilities and awe him, and he'll begin to listen to you and respect your opinion, not because you're his girlfriend but because you're such a wonderful person. Always speak good of him when you are with friends or family.

The way you place yourself before your boyfriend is the way he will take you, so when you respect yourself when it comes to issue that concerns personality, life or spending, he will respect you and would not want to lose you.

7. Dress like a million bucks: Most guys are attracted to what they see so you have to be the girl that kills him with your dressing. For a guy, there's nothing sexier than a girl who can illuminate a room when she steps in. Be that girl. When the whole room stops and stares at you, it'll fill your boyfriends heart with happiness and pride. Dress like a million bucks when you go out with him, and if his jaw drops at first sight and he cant stop glancing sideways at you when you walk with him, you know you've worked your magic!

Most guys will always be proud to be the boyfriend of that girl whose dressing cannot be overlooked. You don't really have to dress half naked before you can hit this, just know the right combination and put on what fits you.

8. Be intelligent and witty: Some girls think that being intelligent in a relationship is all about monitoring their boyfriend, checking his phone, weighing his opinion, putting him in duress to get him say the truth about something etc. but that's not true. A good girlfriend is aware of the world around her. You don't need to be a rocket scientist, but if you can be witty and fun, and mix it up with intelligence when you're having a conversation with him, there's no way he would ever let someone like you slip away from him. And remember, an intelligent person isn't always a walking-talking-encyclopedia; it could even be a person who knows a few things, but knows it well.

9. Look after yourself and your guy: Fill your life with happiness and have a positive outlook towards life. Work out, look good and feel good about yourself. And help your boyfriend look good and feel good too. When both of you are cheerful and happy with yourselves and with each other, both of you will feel radiant and be full of positivity which can have a positive impact on your lives.

Ever wondered why some men will always seek their wife's opinion about their dressing each time they are off to work every morning? You also need to prove to him that you're a fashionista and that will make him believe you need to look into his dressing. Always look out for his health, physical and metal well being. Also do same to yourself when you are at it.

10. Act like a guy when you have to: Some guys do not joke with their friends or games like football, soccer, wrestling, etc. so try not to interfere with this. A guy wants his girlfriend to be sweet and caring, but every now and then, especially when there's a game on or when he's spending some guy time with the boys, he would absolutely love it if you could turn your baseball cap around and chew gum like a man!

If you want to know how to be a good girlfriend, learn to hang out with him and his friends and have a good time in the boys club now and then. Above all be bold enough to correct him with love whenever he tries anything silly. You can always correct and show your grievances like a man but not in an embarrassing way.

So ladies, I guess I've exhausted my points. Use these ten simple tips on how to be a good girlfriend and you'll be able to awe him, mesmerize him, make him fall head over heels in love, and show him that you're the best girlfriend he can ever get!

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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Female Empowerment (Entrepreneurial) Classes

Hi ladies, I bet you know we are in a century where money making is no longer left to the men! We are now in an era women take up something to secure a steady stream of income to enable them support themselves and the men too. 

Today, white collar jobs are no longer as favourable as they used to be for some people. Plus, some jobs can consume your time and may not yield much in return.
Now, you may need a skill to ensure a steady income and still have much time on your hands while deciding how much you wish to earn!

As a housewife, full time mom, graduate, student, or even a worker, you can pick a skill(s) you can learn to enable you earn something that would stop you from been dependent on your husband, dad, other men in your lives and the month end salaries. And you could also end those degrading activities you engage in just to have cash in your pockets!

In view of that, I present to you an online Female Empowerment Class where you can learn one or different skills at a very affordable price. And I mean very very affordable price! It was made affordable so there would be no excuse to not participate.

It's a class you would really enjoy and not regret participating. 
Here's what you should expect:
- It would be a one on one online tutoring to make it engaging and let you learn at your own pace. 
- There would be pictures and videos to make things easier to understand! 
- There would be pictures, estimated prices and locations of products needed for each production. 
- You would know and identify different products and their properties. Their side effects (if any) and required quantity that shouldn't be exceeded.
- Most importantly, you will be taught how to package your products and market to the right customers.

The empowerment class is of four types, so you can pick from anyone you wish to learn.  They are all profitable if you have a good customer base. You can also learn a skill for personal development:
- Hair/skin care products (1800)
- Household/sanitary products (1600)
- Catering services (3000)
- Internet services (1500)

Here's the breakdown of each class:

1. Hair/skin care products; #1800

These are beauty products and includes making:
- Various body creams for different skin types
- Bathing soap (tablet and liquid)
- Petroleum jelly
- Body Spray 
- After shave spray
- Hair shampoo/conditioner 
- Hair creams and gels 
- Packaging and marketing products 
- Running a mini spa/salon 
- Etc

2. Household/sanitary products: #1600

These are regular products we find in our homes. The good thing with learning this is that you'll make your own for your house and not bother buying from outside and it's cheaper to make than the already made ones. These products include:
- Laundry wash
- Dish wash
- Toilet wash
- Car wash
- Germicide
- Antiseptic
- Insecticide
- Airfreshner
- Bleach
- Scouring powder  
- Etc

3. Catering services.

This is just an addition for those who would prefer to go the "food way". You can simply learn it for your own personal use or you can make it a business. This is divided into two drinks and food. 
Drinks cover personal use and for events or for sale. Some drinks to learn in this category include: (#1000)
- Cocktails (different types)
- Mocktails (different types)
- Smoothies (different types for kids and adults) 
- Ice-creams and yoghurts

Foods are also divided into desserts and main dish.
Desserts to learn in this category include: (#1000)
- Finger foods or small chops (peanut burger, fish fingers, meat balls, meatpies and many other snacks)
- Cakes (sponge, fruit, chocolate, red velvet etc) and simple icing like butter icing. Here its not compulsory to use an oven and you will learn how to use other products aside the regular flour
- Flour products like bread (without using oven and using other products aside flour), pancakes (using other products aside flour) etc
Aside desserts, other foods include rice and soups for events or personal use: (#1000)

- Rice varieties (fried, coconut, Ofada, risotto, jollof, white, sauced)
- Soups (egusi, groundnut, peppersoup).
- Venturing into events planning; getting and keeping clients; maximizing costs for more profits
- Etc

4. Internet services.

For tech lovers, here are some things that are sure to get you a steady income: (#1500)
- ABC of Blogging
- Different monetization packages
- Mobile app creation (applet)
- Buying and reselling domain names
- Creating custom emails
- Running a bulk sms, airtime and data sales site
- Music/video promotion and hype
- Growing social media followers
- Content writing coaching. 
- Etc

Remember, you can still learn a skill for your own personal use and you never know what you might make out of it.
If you wouldn't want the class with a tutor, you can still get detailed instructional materials (ebooks, pictures and videos) and teach yourself at your own time. Interested persons living within Ibadan can get to have their own classes offline if they choose. 


Saturday, 14 October 2017

New Man Movement Set To Host Writing Contest In Honour Of Oba Adedokun Abolarin.

The New Man Writing Contest is organised yearly by The New Man Movement, a Christian youth organisation with her headquarters in Nigeria.

Yesterday, organisers of The New Man Writing Contest, reviewed to be the largest, free entry writing contest for students of secondary schools in Nigeria revealed via her website ( that the 2018 edition of the contest would be in honour of H.R.M, Oba Adedokun Aroyinkeye 1, the Oragun of Ila Oragun.

Nelson Vincent, the president of The New Man Movement, organisers of the writing contest revealed this yesterday when he mentioned that the writing contest was birthed to help comb out the forest of literary virginity amongst students of junior and senior secondary schools in Africa.

According to the release on the website, the New Man Writing Contest would be open to receive entries from the 18th of November till March 21st next year. The release also contained that the winning entries would be published in The New Man Literary Series and launched at a later date to be announced via the website.

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