Tuesday, 28 April 2015

How To be a Model

A successful model must be in good shape, which requires a balanced diet and regular exercise. A model should also have selling face and clear skin. Many people dream of being models but simply don't have the qualities Be realistic about your what you want to achieve from it and your expectations.

Try to create a portfolio. Clients will not book you for jobs if you cannot prove your worth. Your portfolio should consist of professional head shots, body shots, lifestyle shots and some swimsuit or lingerie shots. Find a good photographer who can capture beautiful, high quality images. Get your hair and makeup done professionally for the shoot. Bring several outfits and pairs of shoes. A good portfolio will help promote yourself and show clients and model broker what you are capable of.
Try networking. You may be the most gorgeous model to ever walk the earth, but if no one knows who you are, you will not get booked for paying jobs. Attend expos, trade shows and Model competitions. Talk to people you meet and get to know as many people in the Modeling and Fashion Industry as possible. Ask other models for advice and input. Contact a good modeling agency capable of branding, marketing, promoting and advertizing you.

Been a freelance depreciates and works more for popular models.

Note please: Modeling is a business so you should always treat it that way. Be professional at all jobs and be polite and respectful to other models you encounter. Make sure any and all contracts are in writing and that all terms are agreed upon prior to any or all assignment.
Avoid scams by doing your research.
Always work with reputable Agency either online or physical.
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