Thursday, 7 May 2015

Who or what are you?

When you are asked who are you? You are expected to say everything about you.
 But when you are asked what are you? You are expected to describe your personality.

Some people believe that others can define you more than yourself. But i can still try to describe myself

 So who am I?
 I am Rosy Omeje from Enugu schooling in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. I am the sixth child in a family of seven; we are four boys are three girls (of which i am the last). We have the best parents you can ask for blah blah blah!!!!

 So what am i? I am a shy person, an introvert (but i can be wild a times), calm, happy, cool, smart, brainy, courageous, fun loving, peace maker, articulate, amiable and so on. So tell me who or what are you?
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About Me

Model, Computer Techie, PR, Social Media Marketer, App Developer, Freelancer, Blogger! . . . Oh, I forgot to add Social Worker! Plus, I like writing my thoughts down! . . AND . . I LOVE making new FRIENDS! . . . Contact me on social media -- Rosy Omeje


  1. woaaaaaaaah... wat am i???????? hmmmmmmmmmm... i have neva thought of that

  2. i guess i nid to tink abt dat

  3. cool... what am i? i am funny, happy, nice etc

  4. I am Bella, a model, tall, slim, fair and so on..

  5. i am levis from Abia schooling in Unilag.. i am bright, tall and fair

  6. i am happy, cool and loving


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