Sunday, 7 June 2015

Home Sweet Home

I have finally decided to go home to my parents for the break. I got home and met my Sister (Lilian), she came back from babysitting yesterday! After settling down and eating dinner, we both had a long and awesome chat! We talked about everything! We laughed and were having fun. Then i remembered the kind of sister i have- a free and fun loving person! She always make me remember how fair life has been bringing us together.

My Sister has given up growing. lol. i am now taller than her now!!
She is one of those who understand me, knows my fault, weaknesses and bad sides and still love me like that (I love her too)! We make a good team! I hope we enjoy our stay together before going back to our various schools.
There is really no place like home.
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  1. no place like home for real


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