Monday, 4 April 2016

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It  has been widely reported in the media that the National Assembly will soon conduct the third reading of the obnoxious, controversial and needless National Grazing Reserve Bill before it. The unpopular bill has reportedly passed the first and second reading of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Before it will be presented to the president for his assent, for the bill to become law, it must pass through a third reading.

Those behind it should be able to fund it. Those that engage in cattle rearing should be bold enough to build cattle ranches where they have land or buy land. No land should be given to them free of charge. The way of modern rearing of cattle is through cattle ranches.

Ask those in India, Brazil, China, Argentina, Australia and some other big time cattle farmers outside our shores. We must follow other parts of the world in the way they do things. Nomadic cattle rearing method belongs to ancient times. It is no longer in vogue. The owners of these cattle being reared by Fulani men are big businessmen and politicians.
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