Monday, 5 September 2016

Nigerian Meritorious Awards 2016

Hey guys, this is the first post about NIGMAwards I will be posting here. When I say first post, I mean, more are still on the way!
NIGMAwards simply mean Nigerian Meritorious Awards.

The Nigerian Meritorious Award is an award to acknowledge the accomplishments of Nigerians both at home and in diaspora. It is presented to Nigerians that show the greatest promise of contribution to human well-being, through the creation and application of their activities, intellect and knowledge. The award also deems to encourage and support these citizens in their efforts and to showcase their impact on their communities on the local, national and international levels.
The Nigerian Meritorious Awards is giving out awards to businesses and individuals of diverse fields. The incredibly high ray of spotlight provided by the Awards, as well as the unrivalled access to a network of top entrepreneurs and business networks, will spur winners unto even more glorious heights in their respective fields.
Nigerian Meritorious Awards is serving as a forum for collaboration among Entrepreneurs, financial and political leaders, leading to the realization of creative ideas.
So, here's their SEPTEMBER issue which include:

•The Final 7 National Students/Youth Award nominees drop this Weds 7th September 2016

•The Nigerian Celebrity/Entertainment Awards Voting starts Sunday,11th September and ends  Sunday,25th September 2016.

•The NIGMAwards releases 10 best poems from a lot of poets across the country in the NIGMAwards Poetry Competition

•The Face Of NIGMAwards Contest starts Monday,12th September and ends Sunday,18th September 2016

•NIGMAwards Theme Song underway with 5dope Lagos Artistes on it.

For more info, suggestion, partnership or comment, you can contact them on:
or their website 

Did I mention that I am also contesting for the Face of NIGMAwards? 

Ohhhh.... I just did..
So, I want you to do me a favour and vote for me when the contest starts (Monday 12th). The contest is on instagram so you are only expected to like the picture to vote for me! I'll be back with a link to the picture so you can easily locate the picture!

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. Cool... This looks like fun!!!

  2. Wow... I want to contest with you!!!!
    Is the application still on???
    Where do I go to submit???

    1. Woah... I'll really love that too.. But I don't think its possible cause they have stopped recieving entries..
      But you can check the website just to be sure.

    2. Hmmm.. Okay.. If you say so!
      Will vote for you anyway!
      Pray you win!

  3. Will surely vote for you like always...
    We got your back dear! Just like you always do too!!`

    1. Awwww... Thats so sweet.. Thanks a lot :*

    2. Awwww... Thats so sweet.. Thanks a lot :*

  4. Goodluck with the contest dear!!

  5. Goodluck dearie!! You will surely win! like you always do!

  6. This is good..
    About the contest, I'll personally support you! I got your back in this one!


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