Sunday, 8 January 2017

Top Exercises That Can Go With Your Busy Schedule

If you think that people who hit gym regularly have amply of time and free for the most part of the day, then you are wrong. They are regular working class people as you. They take time out of their busy schedule to hit the gym. We understand not all can space that much time. We all have responsibilities. But, don’t lose heart, you can perform these exercise at home even without any heavy equipment. 

These will keep your body in shape, you will feel energetic throughout the day, and your body won’t be vulnerable to diseases.
Here are some quick exercises for both men and women which you can try even without using equipments:
1. Squats
squats technique
2. Lunges
 Image result for cartoon images of LungesImage result for cartoon images of Lunges
3. Planks
Image result for cartoon images of Planks Related image
4. Jumping Jacks
 Image result for cartoon images of Jumping JacksImage result for cartoon images of Jumping Jacks
5. Yoga warm up
Image result for cartoon images of Yoga warm up
6. Push Ups
Image result for cartoon images of Push Ups
7. Sit Ups
 Image result for cartoon images of Sit Ups
Well, wha do you think?
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  1. This is amazing! Even in my busy schedule i always make out time to exercise!

    i advice others to do same!

    1. I am a mom with three kids and i am still as fit as a fiddle!

  2. Sit ups are my favourite!
    also good for flat tummy!


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