Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Top Fashion Items Men Should Have This Season

Hello guys! I made a post specially for you! Well, that's mostly because I keep getting mails that I don't write fashion posts for guys! So, here is a little list of fashionable items I put up for you. These items are stuffs every average guy should have in his wardrobe this season:

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Make sure you have nice pair of pants and a matching jacket that look presentable. It is important, that the fabric corresponds the season (like wool) or the color is appropriate for the season (like black, dark blue, brown or grey). If possible, have the jacket tailored. You will know the benefit when you have an official event to attend and the weather is windy!

Image result for images of guys Basic warm coat.
Invest in a good coat that will serve you the whole season several years in a row. To make it work, go for the basic options.

It is always important to have a nice presentable shirt. 
Image result for images of guys Basic shirt.  Image result for images of guys Basic shirt.
Unfortunately, a shirt is a piece of clothing that can ruin the whole look completely just because of the smallest detail.

 Image result for images of guys Dark denim jeans.        Related image
Even though you may love your light blue denims, you should definitely switch to dark blue, grey or black jeans for fall.

Image result for images of guys Classic shoes in basic color.
Obviously, shoes can tell a lot about a man, so make a right choice!
Image result for images of guys Classic shoes in basic color.

Image result for images of guys Hats/caps/shades.
Well. this may look awkward. But you know, in this part of the world, stepping out without any hair or eyes covering may not be pleasant. This is because, before you get to your destination (especially if you are not using a car), your hair and eyelashes would all turn white! Safe yourself the embarrassment and get one for yourself!

Image result for images of guys Basic warm coat.
This is also not a must have but it is definitely something you would want to throw on your body when stepping out into a cold evening or date!
Okay, that looks like all!

I am also surprised that guys don't have much when it comes to fashion! Unlike women's fashion that could take a whole blog page!
Image result for cartoon images of girls rockImage result for cartoon images of girls rock

I love been female though! lol

Guys, hope you like it?
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  1. OMG!!! This is superb!!!!

  2. I cant believe a girl actally wrote this!

    I bet you had little help from boo! lol

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    we still rock though!!


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