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Major Reasons Why Most Relationships Fail


 We all know what relationships are. Relationship is beautiful, awesome and sweet where unity, love and understanding exist between couples. It is only in the past century that relationship lasts almost forever! But this 21st century has many relationships failing and ending untimely and unexpectedly. Many experts in relationship counseling and guidance have discussed this issue but it seems this failure still persists.

Though, many relationships today are not built on love but deceits; some relationship today exists between partners just for money, fame, or other benefits and most times, these rules out the real love that should be the bedrock of any relationship. If there is no comfort, happiness and healthy living between couples, the union may suffer a collapse. Today you see many young relationships collapsing on a regular basis! One begins to wonder if it’s improper orientation about what a relationship is or if it’s external pressure! No matter the problems or challenges one might face in a relationship, one can still avoid any unforeseen break up or failed relationship if certain things are taken care of. 


Here are 10 common causes of a failed relationship. If you find yourself doing one or more of these things, I will suggest you desist from it now because it may hinder that long built relationship:

1. Lack of Trust:

Trust is known as an important instrument to solidify a relationship. When trust is hardly seen in a relationship or fades away, such relationship may fail at anytime. The first thing in any relationship is to trust your partner. Even, if you hear something unusual about her or him, be patient and verify such thing because it might just be a rumour carried by people who wish your relationship won’t last long. When you fail to trust your partner or you begin to doubt them in their dealings, you are causing your relationship to die untimely in a short period.

2. Lack Of Respect:

Respect is simply reciprocal, nobody can doubt that. A mutual respect relationship is needed to solidify any relationship. When there is no mutual respect from both sides, such relationship loses its bedrock piece to break up. What is the essence of a relationship that doesn’t allow both partners respect each other? Mutual respect is needed in a relationship. With concrete mutual respect, all other vital tools to solidify your relationship like peace of mind, honesty, love, understanding, unity, others, will easily come in.

3.   Dishonesty:

Honesty is very important at any aspect of life. Honesty is a must use tool in any relationship. Honesty is the laying block foundation for any successful project or objective. For this reason, you have to be honest with your partner in all dealings. 

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Never try to engage in secret or extra marital affairs. Secret affairs can tempt you to be dishonest to your partner. Mutual respect does command honesty; when respect and honesty are the bedrock of foundation of your relationship, other things come in easily. In the other word, when there is a breach of respect and honesty, the relationship is set to wind up, break up and fail untimely.

4. Frequent Fighting:

Fighting will never bring any positive thing to a relationship. Lack of respect, dishonesty, using harsh words and frequent complaints will yield nothing but fights. A relationship that exchanges blows or a partner beating other partner has no future at all. Avoid physical violence and fighting your partner no matter the confrontation from him/her. Resolve to settle the problem amicably instead.

5.  Impatience:

Patience is a valuable tool to use for a relationship. Impatience can destroy a relationship in a second. Therefore, you have to be patient with your partner. If you are not patient, a simple rumour you hear may cause you to over-react and you end up destroying your relationship. 

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Rumors and quarrels would come your way in a relationship but with patience you can overcome them.

6.  Maltreatment:

Maltreatment is a common cause for most failed relationship. Maltreating your partner is not something fascinating at all. This arises a lot and is mostly caused by responsibilities saddled on the husband and ego on the woman’s part. Maltreatment can come in the financial aspect; when you fail to play your part as the financial provider for your family, you’re maltreating your wife. It can also be when domestic works like cooking or taking care of your husband/home, are left undone. Maltreatment from any part can send your partner outside to seek for better and fresher pastures which can lure him/her to an extra marital affair which can cause the relationship to fail.

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7.  Insufficient Time Spent With Partner:

Time is very vital in one’s life which should not be wasted on unnecessary things or matters. Time spent with your family members or friends is worth it not to mention with your partner. You must always devote time for your partner. Always find time for your relationship and don’t forget that whenever your partner feels abandoned, he/she can find all means to satisfy herself/himself outside the relationship. Never use your office, work, trade or business as excuses not to create time for your relationship. Statistics has shown that many problems in a relationship originated from loneliness and little time spent with the partner. Don’t push your partner to go find company outside.

8. Harsh Words and Frequent Complaints:

This is different from fighting. Observation has shown that the rudiment of many failed relationships today began with harsh words and frequent complaints. As a matter of fact, it is very important we mind our spoken words in the relationship. Though, there are times when words are exchanged for fun and amusement but don’t look down on your partner by complaining on any issue or her/his imperfection. You should also not take using harsh words on your partner as fun. 

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Harsh words and frequent complaints are two ugly tools that destroy any relationship at its early age. With mutual respect in a relationship, honesty and understanding, you will likely never experience an early sinking of the ship of your relationship. Harsh words and frequent complaints will bring nothing other than disrespect, hatred and dishonesty.

9.     Frequent Unfulfilled Promises:

Never promise what you will not fulfill. A promise to your partner would make him/her enter into a fantasy mood to receive such promise at a stipulated date and failure to fulfill the promise may make him/her disgusted and sad. If this act persists, your partner might lose trust in you and will hardly see you as an honest partner. Unfortunately, if someone one else outside promises her/him and surprises them with huge fulfillment, you may have a situation in your hand. No matter how small your promise is, strive to fulfill it.

10. Lack of Romance:

If after mentioning all the above and I don’t include one of the most important thing, I’ve not really started. Lack of romance has been one of the major causes of failed relationships. Most partners are shy to discuss this topic and so they sweep it under the carpet and try to flow with each other. But I tell you, once they find someone who understands and is ready to fill that gap; they may likely go for them. Don’t be shy to discuss love, sex or romance with your partner. Make sure to find out what makes them tick and they should do the same.

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I believe if we can avoid the above points, we must have avoided the untimely collapse of a relationship. Many relationships have failed because of little things and I think it’s time we take those things serious.

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  1. i like this!!

  2. Nice. but don't you think some partners do things that make their spouse not to trust them? how can i teach myself to trust when the other person is acting all suspicious?!

    1. well, in this case having a long talk with your spouse would be a good start. Try to find out if there's something he/she is hiding. Be sure it's not a way of showing insecurity.
      Your spouse needs to know you are struggling to trust them and its's not healthy. You both can talk it out and know what next to do!


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