Admission at last!!!

Wooooooahhhhh!!!! Ahhhhhhh! OMG!!! Hohohoho!!! I can't stop screaming out loud!!!! I don't believe this!!! I have been admitted into University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN for short)!! It is quiet unbelieveable but its true!!! Wowwwwwww!! Someone please wake me up if am dreaming!! This is a dream come true!!! I still don't believe this!! Ok ok ok. Calm down! Let me explain myself from the beginning. This post is really gonna be long but i can't help it; i can't keep this happiness all to myself! I received a message this morning (very early) saying the list of successful candidates who sat for UNN exams is out. I was asked to check The Sun Newspaper to see the complete list. After reading the message i called my Dad (he is the first person i always call when i have things like these to say). I didn't succeed in dropping my phone when his call entered. HE TOLD ME HE FOUND ME NAME IN THE LIST!!!!! No wait, let me repeat his exact words:- DAD: Hello. Me: Sir! DAD: I found your name!! Its on page 50 and You are the 99th person on the list!!! Me: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Phone beeps (i wasn't sure who ended the call) i screamed for a long time that neigbours had to rush in to know if something happened. They were right, something did happen; i was admitted into the University of my choice!!

They were so happy; someone even went out to buy me an ice-cream! Others promised to get me something when they get back home. That day i confirmed the statement which states that 'news can spread like wildfire!' In less than 16minutes; friends, family, relatives, well wishers and unknown people started calling and texting to congratulate me! I was thrilled! For a moment i felt like a SUPERSTAR!! After the excitement had died down a little and people felt i was calm enough to listen to what they have to say advice and words of encouragement started flying in. It was as if everyone had turned into a genius because everyone had a great speech to make. I listened and watched everyone who had suddenly (or automatically) become my guardian offer support. I enjoyed every bit of advice and decided to heed them. Then someone said something (i can't remember the person cause i always love forgeting statements/questions that tend to pull me back or cause backwardness; and also try to forget the speaker). He/she said ''You are just 16; how are you going to cope in the university, not just any university but UNN which is the Lion's den. You know there is a lot of stress in it'' at first i wanted to ignore the question but when i saw the look on everyone's face (they were eager to know how i plan to survive in the school) i had to say something. I found myself saying ''I am not the first to be admitted into the school. If the people who were there before me can survive; then i can do the same. The Den should prepare to recieve one of its own'' They were happy i wasn't ready to back down and they made it clear to me that i had their support. My Parents kept calling all through the day (I don't know why): From the sound of their voices i knew they were over excited. It warmed my heart to hear them laughing and saying their little girl is now in college! (*sniffs* i think am gonna cry *sniffs*). I have started the countdown to resumption. I am looking forward to the day i would register in the school and be referred to as a Lioness (that is what registered female students of the school are called) wish me luck!

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