Happy New Year + My last eleven days in 2014

At first, i thought my end of year would be boring or probably the worst; but i guess i was wrong.

On Monday i traveled with my friends. Tuesday, i came back. Wednesday, i went to my Big Sister's place. Thursday (Christmas), i went out with my Sister and Nephews.

We just walked around laughing and chatting. Friday, i was at home all through the day eating and drinking. Saturday, i went for a big event (OVOKO day) organized by my community where my Cousin contested for the pageantry. I couldn't make it back home so i had to go with my Cousin. Sunday, i didn't go to church. Why?? My Cousins didn't wake me up when they were preparing for mass (my little Cousin told me they did not want to disturb my beauty sleep.i felt bad). Monday again, my Cousin took me round and showed me places and people he felt i should know. Other Cousins came to visit.

Tuesday, my Big Sister called. She noticed my absence at home and called to know what happened (if i had been kidnapped; my abductors would be through with me before they noticed i was missing). I tried calling but the network coverage was bad and i couldn't reach here (i still don't know how she reached me). My favourite Cousin invited me to their place (which is also my Mum's home). I went their and we had lots of fun.

 Wednesday, my Dad called and said i have to come back home. I gathered my things and waited for him to come and pick me. I will miss my Uncle's house. It is full of fun with no dull moment. Thursday (New Year), i feel like a whole new person now (i guess its what New Year can do to you).

 I will make this year the best so far (ofcourse with the help of God).

Happy New Year!

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