Happy 'unplanned' Birthday to me!!!!

You are not gonna believe this!
 A miracle finally happened.

 Yes!!! I was finally allowed to celebrate my birthday!!!! It seems some people were not happy about it but all the same i tried to keep calm! My Sister asked me to take her kids out cause the house was getting full and she had fears (i don't know what for). Even though she didn't specify anywhere; i knew the best place to take them to (it had to be a place not too big for kids and not too small for adults, my best shot was MrBiggs). So we all bundled ourselves to MrBiggs.
When we got there we met people who made us forget what we were passing through.

 My Nephews were the easygoing type so they were able to win the heart of everyone who came in.

We saw a lady from their school and some other people who fell in love with us as soon as they saw us. Those who were lucky to have a little time with my Nephews wished they had them as their sons. We ate a lot even though we didn't spend 10% of the money we came with (thanks to my Nephews and their ever smilling faces; they knew how to approach someone and end up getting a treat from them).

 Today didn't go as i planned nor did it go as i'd expected but it was fun all the way.

So next time things aren't going your way; just ask for a miracle (i did and i got it, you too can) and stop sulking.


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