The Good And Bad Of Being Tall

I'm 6.0 (probably) and i always find myself to be the tallest girl most places i go. People say i am 'vertically blessed' and they call me 'stretchy' (i dont know why). 

 The annoying part of being tall is that:
 - People are always like 'wow you're tall' and i'm like 'tell me something i dont know'
- I’ve never actually seen my face in a standing mirror placed low without bending down.
 - It makes me super self conscious and shy because people just stare constantly.
 - Everyone expects me to be good at sports (but am not).
 - Long legs means naturally outpacing anyone you walk with and always having to wait for them to catch up. - People always say i've grown since they last saw me (actually i haven't stopped growing).
 - Public transportation wasn’t built for me plus my legs are always in the way on buses and bus seats are knee destroyers. - My knees never fit under my desk.
- Getting called “Jolly Green Giant” when I wear green is embarrassing (you know what i mean).
 - It’s always unnerving to meet people who are taller than i am (I feel i am the tallest so no competition. Lol).
- People use me for shade or to block wind (not funny). - I can’t swing on swings.
 - I always have to stand in the back of group pictures.
 - Everyone hates me at shows (cos am always obstructing their view).
 - Most hugs are awkward.
- i am literally a giant among men.
 - I feel like everyone is always looking at me in awe of how tall I am. It really bothers me.
 - I’m always assumed or being mistaken to either be a basketball player or a model because of my height and beauty *winks*.
 - i am easily noticed and hard to forget; I don’t know how many times I’ve heard, “Oh, yeah! You’re that tall girl” or overheard someone describing me as “the tall one”. This would be bad if I ever planned to become a spy or do something lawless (which I don’t).
- I Can never be anonymous; even if people don’t know my name, they know me (yea, unmistakable height). I'm always the tallest person in the room (especially in Church), there is nowhere to hide. 
- Most times I get cut out of pictures.
- Most of the time i remember to duck, but sometimes i don’t. When that happens, it’s not even the physical pain that hurts the most; it’s the shame of knowing what i did and that other people probably saw it and laughed. - I really, really can’t dance (but i can try).
 - I have so many unnecessary enemies like beds are way too short, low ceilings, hitting my head as a result of low doorways and always changing bulbs!. - i am terrible At Hide And Seek.
- It’s hard to be fashionable when the fashion world hates me, plus My clothes don’t always fit.
 - I feel like a celebrity (well without any of the cool benefits).
 - It doesn’t automatically get me guys (yes! Dating is a disaster cos a lot of guys are 'scared' of dating someone way taller than them and those who aren't scared are 'so short' that accepting to date them becomes a problem plus I love tall men cos I can wear heels and walk with them without feeling like the jolly green giant!
 - i just hate how it's one of the first things people say when they meet me it just makes me feel uncomfortable and they never make it sound like a positive thing.
- The funny thing is that when you're tall and you're a guy, it's like a status symbol proof that you're a real man, however, when you're a tall girl, you're considered abnormal.
 - I hate everyday being noticed before i can say 'hi' first. - it is damn ridiculous standing in the queue and virtually every eye just occasionally glancing and staring at me.
 - Most things i wear is awkwardly short (especially gowns, sleeves, skirts and pants).

 Well, the good part is that:
 - People first comment about my height when they see me, they walk up to me and say seriously its awesome, your height is damn sexy, (lol.. i don't know if they mean it)!
 - I can never get lost in a crowd(unless it’s a crowd of tall people lol).
 - Of all the heights to be, tall is one of the better ones, so I don’t want to come off as ungrateful.
- I find myself able to see everything in hallways and queues over peoples heads.
 - I love life though and i love myself, being tall is better than being short.
 - I stand out everywhere I go, though I get recognized most places where I don't want to be seen.
 - Tall people are perceived as leaders and more confident and smarter (i guess).
- I never have to worry about not being able to see behind someone.

The truth is when I meet other tall people they say 'Stay strong, because we run the goddamn planet' seriously though tall people tend to be in positions of power. And just think, i have been through a lot of people's heights at some stage. But they will likely never be mine (cool).

I still love myself that way *Big Grin*


  1. Love the cool perspective. In high school, I was always the tallest everywhere and could never get away with crimes but now I am just 5ft10in and I feel normal. I get called tall but I don't feel so tall anymore. I love the entire attention that being tall is (everyone wants to speak to you) but I get the down side too. Unfortunately, I cannot truly know how you feel but I bet you look divine.

  2. lolxxxxx... bin tall is cool mehn!! am 6.5 and am lovin it..

  3. i luv dis part 'Most things i wear is awkwardly short (especially gowns, sleeves, skirts and pants).' so damn funny and true

  4. hey.. are u dis person ???

  5. Don't worry.. I know how it feels, but its cool!

  6. Never knew tall people feel awkward too. Lols better than being below average eh. Nice post.

  7. Hmmn, girl why do I feel I am taller than you are? Wish I could meet you and have a walking partner who wouldn't bother about my height. I am tall like tall but don't exactly know my height. But anyday I mistakenly wear heels to church, standing amongst a crowd of about 5,000 people and I practically see the crown of the heads of everyone...LOL. Anyways I believe tall girls rock!

  8. Lmao!!! Heels???? To me that is suicidal!! I don't fancy wearing that (except its an occassion where everyone gets to appear on heels; like a wedding or dinner party)!!

    When i wear it along the street i hear people say 'you are this tall and still putting on heels! Are u trying to whisper to God???!' (arghhhhhh! So embarassing)

  9. being tall rocks ooo

  10. i am tall and rockin my height


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