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Help!! I am Glossophobic!!
Wikipedia defined Glossophobia or speech anxiety as the fear of public speaking. This is considered the greatest fear a person can have!
 Mine is a crazy case! We were given assignments in class on Monday and asked to read it up and present it in class on Thursday! Here i am practicing like a pro and my partner admiring me and telling me i was all set for the presentation (such confidence). I laughed and said i hope i can do all these i just did in front of the class! She clearly told me 'you can do it'. I just smiled because i knew i was going to mess up! You know why??? I am GLOSSOPHOBIC!!!! The last time i presented in front of a crowd was when i was still a kid. I had my mum, friends, siblings and neighbours cheering me while i poured out everything i had crammed! But this is different! You don't get to cram and no one is there to cheer you up until you have made your point clear! When it was time we all went in and i prayed my partner would be the one to present. I doubt if my prayers were heard, but God really wanted me to present so i can make a fool of myself and learn a lot of lessons (i really mean a lot of lessons). After i had presented, i felt i had said it all and decided to make my exit but i had forgotten a very important point and the lecturer had noticed (I didn't reference any scholar in my speech!!! Yeah! Plagiarism!!). I had rushed everything (firstly because the time was short. Secondly, i wanted to get over with it and disappear), by the time i was done i felt i had covered everything (wrong), i had only taken other people's work and made it mine without acknowledging them.

Well, lessons learn't: - Don't rush a speech in front of an audience. - Don't try plagiarism. - Calm down and take your time. - Keep breathing (I practically held my breath half way through the presentation). - Take a deep breathe before you start. - Forget the audience and imagine its just you speaking alone in your room. - if you eventually look at someone's face and its not encouraging; take it that he is jealous not being the one standing there and making remarkable points! Am just saying from experience! I hope i don't flop next time i am brought out again!!


  1. ooooopsss... too bad! i had that problem before!

  2. sorry abt dat!!

  3. get used to it!! u wil overcome it soon

  4. i do experience dat too


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