Problems of being ‘big’ and tall at the same time

Being 6ft plus and weighing 86kg (189lbs) is not a joke! (Yeah I know I don't really look big but weighs don't lie right?? Maybe my bone is heavier cos I find it difficult to do long exercises). Some people say am overweight but others say am perfect because am 6ft.

Don't mind the camera, it made me look less 'big' here!

  Because of my height, I can get away with eating a lot more than other people. Dieticians seem to have forgotten about girls who are 6ft and above. So don't blame me. I guess the maximum height in the weight chart is 5.6 ft. Therefore, tall people probably do not have an ideal weight; we just eat what we feel comfortable with. People think that in order for me to be elegant, I have to be all skin and bones, which means unhealthy (nahhhhh, not my style! Come on, Food is life. Food is love, Food is everything!).

The problem with being big is - I sweat all the time for no reason at all (this is getting unbearable! Trust me i have tried a lot of things). - People see me as being more likely to cause trouble (I am gentle so there is no way I can).
- I get hungry all the time despite huge amounts of calories; I must eat more food and water to sustain my increased 'mass' - I always feel HUGE especially when I am around 'tiny' girls.
- I don’t really stand up confidently when I am around small/short girls. - I always feel like am intimidating people around me (actually, most people feel intimidated around me). - It’s really hard when your best friend is just 5 ft and skinny (like my best friend), when you guys walk, you will look like 1 and a dot (.) lol.

After talking to a lot of people about my 'numerous' problems they told me that: - As a 'big' and tall girl, I never need to grab attention, my height does it all. - No matter how fat you are, your height will carry it all plus it’s kind of easier to lose weight (I hope it’s true). - You own that height and weight so never let a lack of tall boys, correct shoe sizes, fitting clothes or towering over people get you down (I won’t forget this)! - You know you're making heads turn when you're a head taller and 'bigger' than everyone in the room (sure! But i still feel embarrassed). - Bigger is always Better (I sure like the sound of that)!

Well, for the sake of my health, am going on a visit to the stadium (not the gym) every Saturday! Wish me luck cos i will need it to dismiss my fear of losing too much weight and looking skinny.


  1. awwwwww.... i weigh 196pounds and lookin for a way to add more weight, and here you are weighin 86kg nd lookin 4 a way 2 lose weight! woahhhhh, wat a world, no 1 is ever satisfied

  2. honestly, 86kg doesnt sound dat bad to me! am 79kg

  3. wat!! 86kg??? mehnn dats much ooo! giv me ur contact i need to always remind you to go to that stadium!! seriously?!

  4. girl! dont slump and die in d stadium bcos u are exercisin or tryin to lose weight oo! dat was hw i lost my sister

  5. hmmmm... wat z it wit girls and weight??

  6. omg... swty, i advice u lose ntin less dan 15kg, 4get d height

  7. hmmm... i hope ur 'weightloss' session lasts cos its nt easy! goodluck with that

  8. goodluck with that

  9. concerned fellow11 April 2015 at 12:29

    be careful oooo... dnt overstress urself pls


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