Whats in a Name???

Today's lecture in school was an eye-opener. The topic was Paul (also called Saul) as a Jewish and Roman citizen.
The lecturer was just going on and on about how we bear names blindly without knowing the meaning and origin! He asked us all our names and those who told him English names were used as the topic. There was one of us who identified himself as Sunday Levis; the lecturer asked him where he is from and he replied Abia state, then he asked him if any of the two names show his roots i.e if he can be identified as an Igbo person if he goes about telling people those names.

He said something that made me begin to wonder; he said that we bear English names because we were colonized. Back then people (mostly the Igbos) dropped their natives names and started bearing English names. We were told that our names and our worship is fetish and idolatrous (these are wrong terminologies). But today some people have taken this 'slavery' too far and these people seriously need help. He also said that when a baby is born, he is given a native name. When he is taken to the Church to be baptized and become a member, he is asked to get an English name which is believed to be 'more holy'. The whites believe they are people of absolute racial purity (just like the Jews) i.e they see themselves as the purest race. For this reason, we see ourselves as inferior people and try to imitate everything the 'pure race' do. Most people forget their native names and continue with the English names. You see people bearing Linda! Come on! Linda means serpent! Such names actually influences us most times! What about Mary? A version translates it as 'Marrah' meaning 'bitterness' others gave it another meaning. But if you check our native names; most or all of them have 'God' as a prefix or suffix. So which one is 'more holy?'.

After the class he told us all to go and find out the meaning and origin of our names and those who have no native name should pick one and ask people to address them that way.

So for now, i don't want to addressed by my English name! Call me by my native name! Unfortunately, Google has refused to let me change my name on my profile (actually i don't seem to see the option for that).

Till i find out the meaning and origin of my English name, i wish to be addressed by my native name. If the name turns out to mean something weird! I will be forced to drop it!!!

Any advice????


  1. Woah.. this really got me thinking!

  2. hmmmm.. i agree with u on this -names actually influences us most times! most of the people i know who bear Linda act 'snakelike'. No offence!


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