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Babysitting again!!

After eight gruelling hours of siitiing in the bus i am finally home (my Sister's place precisely). She is gonna be travelling tomorow leaving me with the kids. This ain't good. There are two reasons why: I have to miss school for a week (not sure if she will only spend a week there). Secondly, my weight loss program is now in jeopardy!! You know what i mean? Having to sit at home all day eating and doing nothing, with no close place to gym or do a little exercise (of course not with this unbearable heat). Looks like i have to do a lot of early morning walk (if it won't get in the way of preparing the kids for school).

cutest nephews

Travelling and babysitting is my hobby but not when it is going to inconvenience me! Someone please come to my rescue!

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  1. too bad. well its all for the best.


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