Being blind doesnt make you helpless

My lecturer keeps saying this ''there is ability in disability'' to us over and over again, but i never seem to accept it. Today, i met two blind students in school leading themselves home! I was outside browsing when i saw two students climbing down the staircase, chatting and laughing like normal people. They reached the bottom of the stairs where i was and i noticed they were careful where they put their feet (I haven't noticed that they were blind). They moved closer to me and i realized they had no idea they were going to bump into me. i moved aside for them to pass and on a second thought decided to help them get to where they are going. before i could say anything, one of them felt a presence and thinking she had stepped om me, apologized and asked if i could show them out of the building. i agreed and i held one of them who was holding the other. They were such happy people and i enjoyed every minute i spent with them. i made up my mind to take them straight to their hostels, but one of them said if i find anyone going towards where they are headed i could just hand them over to the person. But i told them i was taking them to their hostel and they were overjoyed. I could see they were grateful but they wanted to be sure they were not taking me away from what i was doing. I assured them i wasn't doing anything serious. We walked, talked, shared jokes and laughed. When we got to their hostel, we weren't ready to leave each other, but we had to. I thought of getting their numbers but i decided not to. I believed i will still see them again. When i turned nack to go, i felt i had met friends who i yearned for. I was so happy that God knew what He was doing. Though they were blind, He made sure they had a lot of other things. These girls were pretty, loving, amiable and has an infectious smile. They may be blind but they can identify and remember a voice, skin or even smell!!! God bless this group of people. They constantly need our help! When you see a blind person you find looking for help; you can extend a helping hand.


  1. this is just so inspiring. the truth is, someone who is blind can see if he/she just try to open his/her heart and in an optimistic way dear :)

  2. some blind ppl tink its d end of d world!.. too bad dey cant read dis


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