Cool and happy girls are the prettiest!

I met someone cool and happy today. I have been hearing about her, my friends have always mentioned or pointed at her most times we were chatting. I had never been interested in the person who the topic centered on so i wasn't quite familiar with her. I met her in class (computer class- which involved different departments in the faculty). I came in late and she did too so we had to sit at the back together. I was taking down notes and she was actually distracting me and making me listen less to the lecturer. I wasn't used to telling people to stop making noise, i believe by doing so i would be creating my own noise. I turned to look at my 'distractor' (i hope there is a word like that); feeling less concerned i turned away. At first i didn't recognize the face. When the noise continued, i turned to look at her again and her face began to look familiar. I remembered the little chats i had with my friends, pictures they had shown me and numerous times they her pointed her to me. Just to be sure, i brought out my phone and looked up Queen Nigeria 2014. The pictures came up, though there was a slight difference, i confirmed she was the one.

 To make me even more sure, a friend called her Diamond and she turned to reply. She really is Diamond Okoh!

And she is actually pretty. Looks like she read my mind at this point because she stole a glance at me and stopped making noise. We were just stealing glances at each other until some people siting at the front left the class and we had to move forward. Coincidentally, she came to the row i was seating and sat down. We kept glancing (i don't know if it was consciously or not) until the end of the class. After the class, i saw myself moving up and down the class in search of the class register to sign my name, each time i passed her out eyes tend to meet. I just kept smiling for no reason. I just concluded that she must be cool, nice and fun to be with. I went out of the class and some minutes later she came out with her friends chatting and laughing and i knew she was amazing. The truth is i love girls who are cool with themselves. Unlike some girls who are so full of themselves they don't care about how people see them. I don't know much about Diamond Okoh Obiahu, but the little time i had sat next to her made me know she is an amazing and happy girl.

Truly, happy girls are the prettiest!


  1. yea... so true... she is amazin

  2. good to know we have nice Nigerian queens.

  3. woah... wil love to meet her


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