Day five - Rosy Omeje


Day five

We woke up by 7am with nothing to do in mind and had noodles for breakfast.

There was no light (which was a bad start for the transfer of power). My elder sister (Lilian) will be coming back today. Finally, someone to share the day's experience with.

Rose & Lily

Well, she didn't come back because i needed company; she came back because i had to go back to school to catch up with the lectures i have missed. My sister is not showing any sign of coming back soon and i had to go back to school so Lilian had to come over (from her school too) to stay with the kids. My sister is quite lucky. You don't easily see someone who is willing to give up school and other things for sometime just to babysit and still have another person leave school to swap with the previous person! She really is lucky. I am looking forward to welcoming Lilian. We had beans and yam for lunch. The power came on around 5pm and we watched movies till we got tired. Garri and bitterleaf soup was for dinner. I will have to sleep very early today because i need to wake up on time to prepare for my journey.


  1. i guess we have a lot of privilege dey couldnt get like freedom of movement, association, speech etc

  2. yea... i bet she is


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