Day four

It's democracy eve and the power holding company has decided to give us a glimpse of what will happen after the handover. There has been an uninterrupted power supply today and am really enjoying it! We woke up around 7am (no school today) and we all felt like going back to sleep again without doing anything, but the music coming from our next door neighbour wasn't helpful at all. We got up, had breakfast (noodles) and turned on the television.

 It had been raining since 1am and so the weather was quite cold, and that means the natural fresh air was enough. We watched the movies until our eyes went sore. Then we took our bath and made lunch. We ate yam and egg for lunch (yeah, i know). We went back to the movie and continued watching till we all slept off on the chair! I woke up shortly after falling asleep (with the fear of storing up fat) to prepare dinner. We had Garri and Bitterleaf soup for dinner. After eating, we watched another movie and went to bed. I am just getting bored by the day!!!

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