Day one

    My Sister came to my room and woke me by 5am. She was already preparing breakfast. She showed me what i should do for myself and the kids while she will be away. We did the tour for one hour and she asked me to prepare the kids for school while she gets herself ready to leave. I was dutifuly preparing the kids and had no idea when she left. I kept wondering what she was doing locked up in her room when time was running out (buses going to far distances are usually not much and leave very early). After preparing them, they kissed me goodbye and left for school. Now am home alone with the house help. I had to go to the market to buy something which i wasn't sure i would see (of course it was futile 'cause i didn't see it after asking a lot of peopl). I came back and sat down trying not to sleep (this would further jeopardize my weight loss program. I learn't that sleeping during the day especially as a result of laziness not tiredness stores more fat in the body). There is no light to ease my boredom and i am feeling as hot as hell. Gosh! I am becoming restless by the day. We will be taking noodles for lunch (that would be when the kids are back from school), no eggs please (scared of adding more flesh). Beans and plantain for dinner (I will make sure i eat 5hours before going to bed to avoid storing it as fat). I hope i don't add more weight instead of losing it.


  1. So conscious of fat storage "I like it".

  2. woah... dats so cool of u.


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