Day Two
I had to set an alarm so i could wake up by 5am to prepare breakfast for the kids. After i finished, i woke them up and got them ready for school. We took some cool shots before they left for school.

I set another alarm to go and pick them by 3pm. Macaroni for breakfast, Home alone, doing nothing all through plus, no light to ease the boredom. I guess this fuel scarcity affected our power supply. I wonder if they also use diesel to run the engines or whatever they use just like the network providers (speaking of network providers; i got a service message thet due to the problem with diesel, our service won't be stable. I realized they used diesel to power the network masts we see around). When it was 3pm i went to their school to pick them. We got home and had boiled yam and sauce for lunch (yeah, i know. Fat conscious). We sat down staring at each and laughing occassionally until it was dark and we put on the generator. We had Garri and Draw soup for dinner (don't worry, i ate it 4hours before going to bed). We stayed up late watching movies 'cause there would be no school tomorrow! And that means we can sleep and wake up whenever we wanted! Boredom is eating me up here!

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  1. dis is getting bad!


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