Ignorance is no defence

Some things are unavoidable! Accidents can be one of them.

This afternoon right after Mass, i witnessed an accident. It didn't look serious but the victims were injured!
The way it happened was really dramatic. I had just crossed the road and i looked back to watch my kid brother cross. I laughed at him and told him at his age he still run while crossing the road. I was still speaking when we saw a woman and her husband holding hands and crossing the road. I was just smiling at them when the woman started screaming right in the middle of the road! I realized that a bike was coming towards them! Her husband was trying to pull her away from the approaching bike but she looked dazed and was moving to and fro not knowing where to run. Her sudden forward and backward movement got the driver confused and he had no idea what direction to steer. People were all round the road and it made it more difficult for the driver to divert somewhere else without knocking some people down (i later realized that his break wasn't functioning well and he wasn't concentrating on the road he was driving on). He eventually collided with the woman! The bike wasn't strong so the woman wasn't seriously injured. She only had a scratch on her leg which she got when she fell down. The driver fell out of the bike and laid flat! I was shocked because the impact of the force is not enough to bring such a huge fellow down! I ran towards him to pick him up and i heard him say 'this life, this life!!!' when i heard that i knew this man had just gotten out of something! He was bleeding (actually he was coughing blood and i knew he was traumatized).
 I raised him up and asked people around if we could get a chemist around where we could rush them to. No one seems to be listening to me, they all turned into pressmen and started interviewing a man who they could clearly see was bleeding! They asked him somethings which i wasn't interested in listening to, i was only interested in looking for the nearest chemist.
I later heard him say his wife was buried yesterday and he was just returning from the market where he had bought some foodstuffs to take to his children to prepare something for them to eat (at this point, i realized he was wearing black all through). I was moved and i forgot i was looking for a chemist and went close to have a closer look at him, but the crowd wouldn't let me! I managed to catch a glimpse and i got infuriated! I realized that this man was already feeling dizzy and he was covered in the blood coming out from his mouth and no one in the crowd could get a car and drive him to a hospital! They were only interested in his story! I felt myself boiling over! The only thing i could hear people say was 'sorry o, are you hurt? Take heart!' i was speechless!
For God's sake someone is bleeding and all one could ask was 'are you hurt?' i got so angry because everyone there who felt they had it under control had no idea about first aid or weren't interested in there health education.
I saw people driving out and looking less concerned and this provoked me more. I had no choice because i i couldn't beat the crowd to carry him away nor do i have a car to offer to take him to a hospital.
I angrily left and when i saw a chemist on my way home, i just told him to take some drugs and anything else to the Church that there is a bleeding man there.

The pharmacist took some things and followed my address. I have tried my best and if anything happens to that man, i don't know!

 People can be funny. I just keep asking myself, are people so ignorant that they don't know when a situation is an emergency.


  1. woah.... dats too bad of dem

  2. ppl can be funny atimes

  3. we stil hv a lot to learn abt first aid nd accidents

  4. i feel for that man..

  5. aaaaaauch... too bad


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