It's Pentecost eve and i am loving it! - Rosy Omeje


It's Pentecost eve and i am loving it!

Today is Pentecost eve and also my departmental picnic. It has been raining lion and elephant since 3am and i have given up hope of going for the picnic. But the eain suddenly stopped around 10am. I hurriedly prepared and called my friend to confirm if we would still go for the picnic and i got a positive answer. I packed my swimming trunk and whizzed off. I got there just in time to join the last bus which was already full . We managed to squeeze ourselves like sardines and off we go. We got there, unpacked, changed and went different ways in search of where the fun is more. I had a lot of fun and wished it hadn't rained so we would have arrived on time. I would have regretted and blamed myself if i had continued snuggling under my blanket and hugging the pillow instead of coming out to join the others. At the end of the day i had so much that could last me the whole week! Thanks to my friends (old and newly found ones), classmates and others for making today worth remembering. Yeah. I remember meeting Queen Nigeria 2014 (Diamond Okoh-Obiahu) again. She was looking cool and pretty always. Loving every moment of today!!! Xoxo!!! Least i forget, Happy Pentecost eve.

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  1. hapi Pentecost..


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