Ladies, can you wear Sneakers with your Wedding Dress??
Sneakers on your wedding day???? i know it may sound crazy to some and cool to others!

You remember Nollywood actress, Ivie Okujaye? When she got married everyone was talking about how fabulous her wedding was and all.

The one thing that got everyone surprised was her style. She actually broke out of the norm to rock her short wedding dress and her traditional wedding attire with pairs of sneakers!!! Seriously!!

I had to check Google to see if any other person has tried it!. . .

Google seems to know everything! A lot of people has done it and will still do it.

I asked a friend what she thought about it and she said it’s mostly people who have phobia for heels that would think of doing that, for her she doesn’t have any problem wearing heels and wouldn’t try it.
 Another friend said tall people would love the idea. She is planning her wedding now and she seems to subscribe to the idea. She has actually bought white sneakers and a pair of heels too. She claims she would wear the heels for the church wedding to avoid getting looks from people who came for other people’s wedding. Then the sneakers would be for the reception. I asked why she wanted to wear the sneakers and she said  ”have you seen my husband? I am way taller than him! I wouldn’t want to look like a tree next to him with my heels during the reception and camera session” I know she is bluffing cause she is not daring nor confident.
It will take a bold woman to do this. Someone who is in control of her world.
So I wanna ask!
Ladies, can you wear sneakers on your wedding day??
Guys, can you allow your bride wear sneakers on your wedding day??

For me I love the idea but I am not thinking of trying it. I may change my mind though.

 Much love to AmakaMedia


  1. Did u say sneakers??? abeg ooo

  2. sneak wetin... no talk am ooo

  3. cool... wil tink abt doin dat

  4. anhnhnhnhnh... my bride shud nt tink of dat ooo

  5. mouth shut ooo

  6. welcome idea


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