I am so boooooooooooored!!!!

It's just a month now in school and i am so bored i can make do with any kind of fun right now.

 This morning my friend announced that his birthday will be next week. Sounds cool right? Cause there will probably be a birthday party which may ease me of my boredom! But disappointment is not far; he has decided not to throw a party nor engage in any celebration that day!!!! He claims that he will turn off his phone that day to avoid getting calls reminding him that it's his birthday. Lectures, assignments and other school stuffs have engulfed every student that there is no time to think of one's Birthday or any social activity (too bad). Who says school is easy????

 I can't believe i still have two months to go before i leave this environment! Help!!!! Somebody!!! Any suggestion on what to do please????


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