We are happier than our foremothers!

Do you really think we are happier than our foremothers?

I asked someone this question and she screamed yes!!!! When i wanted to know her reason she first said marriage. She explained that back then women had little or no right over who they will settle down with. A man would come to their house and lias with her Dad, Mum or any family member and before you know it she is 'sold off'. But now, things are a little different. A girl can make her choice now. You can no longer force a girl on someone she doesn't like (depending on the circumstances surrounding the marriage)! She went on and on about this and i began to wonder if things are better now. Whats your take on this? Do you really think we are happier? And why do you think so?


  1. hmmmmm... i can only think of marriage

  2. Hello,

    Great ! :D



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