What stress can do

Just this evening, I was going home feeling happy that I had finished the assignment that has been giving me sleepless nights.
On my way I saw a pretty girl just a few steps walking in front of me. She was looking cute and calm from behind that I felt the rest of my day would be cool because I was just passing beautiful people. I noticed she was waving her arms and gesticulating like she was actually talking to someone. I just concluded she was on the phone (maybe with her earpiece). I was walking fast so I caught up with her; I looked at her and smiled because she was actually pretty. Then I noticed something; she wasn’t on the phone neither was she using it. I looked closely to understand what’s really happening (I knew I had to mind my business, but as a Social Worker I really felt I should know what’s going on.). She was actually talking, waving and gesticulating to no one exactly!! I waved and said hello! She didn’t seem to have heard me so I said ”are you alright?” and she said ”am I alright? am I alright? I am far from alright! I am in a lot of mess right now, I have a lot of deadlines to beat and I no longer seem to think straight! Plus I always find myself talking to no one in particular each time I am on the road! This school is driving me crazy! Come on, am under pressure and so stressed up! Do you think I am losing my mind??” at this point I wished I had minded my own business.
How do you tell someone who you feel she is losing her mind that she is actually losing her mind? I felt lost. I just told her to breathe in deeply and then out. She did and I said how do you feel and she said not bad. I I told her, whenever you are feeling tensed, just sit back a little, take a deep breath and remind yourself that you would pull through. I had to tell her that because at that point I couldn’t think of anything to say to her. Though I do try this trick and I always feel great after my assumed ’therapy’

So when next you are stressed, just calm down and let things pass slowly. You mustn’t lose your mind over little things!
Just saying out of experience!


  1. woah... sounds pretty baD!

  2. if u see her again, encourage her to go for checkup

    1. ok. what checkup exactly?

    2. i dnt knw.. mayb brain checkup or something!

    3. Lol... i will tell her that.. as a long as i dont get a slap

    4. mayb seein a counselor may help

  3. ooopssss..... she really needs to calm down an take things slow!


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