When you find love

Love is a different thing to everyone. You define your own love.

To me love is a feeling you get around people you are perfectly comfortable with. People you know their flaws and still understand them and they do the same. People you can't let go no matter how annoying they tend to be towards you. When you find such people, you just open yourself to them, you see yourself telling them everything not minding what it is. You always ignore their shortcomings and let them know you don't care about their mistakes as long as they still remain who they are.

I love my friends; i really do. I just see myself excusing their wrongs and simply waving the ill things i hear about them. My friends always tell me i am the most simple and free-being they have ever come across! Why i love myself is that i don't show anger towards my friends, i am always calm when it comes to dealing with my friends. I don't let little things spoil the love i have nurtured so long for my friends. I apologize when i am wrong and even when am not. And i make sure i don't let myself always be in the center cause i love hearing their own thoughts.

If we treat people the way we treat ourselves with Love, there will be little or no problem dealing with people who want to be called our enemies! One may even be without any enemies at all (just like me!!).

Hmmmmm... Is it possible for one to be without an enemy???? That may be my next post.


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