Guys that rock!!!!!

I met someone today. He claims he always see me around school but haven't gotten the courage to talk to me (A guy?? in this century??? someone please wake him up!!!). He asked me to meet him in a restaurant. I got there and found him sipping a bottle of Fayrouz.

I apologized for coming late (On a first outing! Yeah i know it wasn't cool). We started talking and i loved the way he held conversations. We talked for hours without realizing it and then something happened. His phone rang! It wasn't a call. It was an alarm! What i saw on  the screen when i checked the phone surprised me! It read: 6:00pm,Angelus time.

 I stared at the screen for some seconds before i realized that i was holding the phone and had to give it to him. He looked at the phone and what he said next made me smile! He said, whoa! It is time for the Angelus; will you pray with me????? I swear that was the cutest statement i have heard from a guy (Not a family member) in a long time!!

 I felt calm and couldn't stop smiling. I didn't realize i was staring at him till he asked me if i heard him. I just said Yes, i am interested. He asked me if i could say it and i said yes. He led the prayer right inside the restaurant with everyone watching! and i wished many other guys were there to see it.

You see, most guys find it difficult praying with or in front of a girl who isn't a family (I know a lot of people like that). I don't know why but it is so not cool. Some girls actually want to see and hear you pray! Some guys will say that praying in front of a girl makes you look somehow before her. My friend and i went to a vigil and when we were asked to pray i caught him looking around as if i search of something. I asked what the problem was and he said he wants to be sure none of his admirers were watching. I was shocked! What da HELL!!! Did he just say that???

You mustn't feel that she will look at you somehow if she sees you are religious. Someone once said- any girl who isn't interested in your religious life isn't worth your time.

To be honest with you, cool, calm, peaceful and religious guys rock!! Come on!! There is nothing there to be shy of! So if you are religious, cool or calm, show to everyone! You will find out how they will love and appreciate you!!!


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