First day at home and loving it! - Rosy Omeje


First day at home and loving it!

Today, i had so much fun! First, i woke up feeling so cold (it rained last night). We (Lilian and I) woke late and so we couldn't meet up with the mass at the Church close to our house. We were thinking of giving up going to Church today, but i remembered another Church close to my school and suggested we go there. We hurriedly had breakfast (noodles) and got ready. We broke history today by preparing for a Sunday Mass in less than 30 minutes (we need at least 50-60 minutes before we can dress up the way we want). We rushed out and took the first bike we saw to the Church.

We got there just in time. It was a perfect timing, we came in when the Bishop, Priest and others were processing into the Church. Lilian dragged me to the front seat (she loves front seat). Even though she could clearly see we came a little late and the front was occupied. We managed to get seat separate from each other. I sat through the Mass boiling even though it was the Bishop (Rt. Rev. Professor Godfrey Onah) that officiated the Mass.
Rt. Rev. Professor Godfrey Onah

I was boiling because the Mass was said in Igbo and I could barely interpret half of what was said especially during the Homily which was funny 'cause the Congregation burst into laughter every minute. I vowed to go and learn Igbo so i won't always be left out of conversations/discussions. We met a cute baby and his parents in the Church whom we had a little chat with.
After the Mass; we decided to go and visit a Cousin who lived close. We didn't meet her at home but we took some pictures there.

We decided to trek back home, just for fun. On our way, we felt we should visit an In law, we called him and he gave us directions to his place. We got there, watched movies, had fun and laughed. We left there and came back home. After eating lunch we picked up cutlasses and hoes to go and clear the grass growing in front of our house.


  1. woah.... u have a lovely sister.

  2. sounds like u are really enjoyin urself


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