Heading back to school

Today didn't start the way i wanted it. First, i got to the motor park and entered a bus i didn't plan to enter and i had to pay more. I was so furious that after paying such an amount i still had to wait for hours before the bus gets full. While in the bus going back, we were all quiet and minding our business. But when we got to the first half of the journey where we stopped to eat, we started chatting and laughing together and i didn't regret boarding the bus. We continued chatting for the rest of the journey and i enjoyed every bit of it. We talked about everything- politics, religion, situation in Nigeria etc. When we reached where i would go down, i felt like i should continue going with them but i had to go. We talked about how we would miss each other and i bid them farewell. I got home just in time before the rain started pouring. Even with the rain, i still had to go inside the school for the mini-reunion party i had planned for Ovoko Undergraduates Association (OUA) UNN Chapter. I prayed for the rain to stop and i was answered. The rain reduced and i was able to go in like that. I reached the venue with the cake drenched (not just drenched but soaked to the bones) and shaking like a leaf. I thought everyone that attended the meeting had left because of the rain, i was lucky they were still around.

 I called them round and we had our mini-party which was the best outdoor, under the rain and cold party i had attended.

We laughed a lot, talked for hours fought and ate cake while waiting for the rain to stop.

that moment when you are trying to explain to her why you should be in charge of the cake! lol

The rain didn't stop until 8:30 pm. When it stopped we had to share ourselves among the people who brought their ride and we were all conveyed home happily. I felt lucky and happy to have such people surrounding me! I can't wait for our picnic.

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