Lecturers and Students. What is your take?

What do you think of lecturers who try to take advantage of students in the name of upgrading their scores?

I heard a case of a student who finished writing her exam by 9:15am only to be told by the lecturer that she had failed the course by 11:49am!
Is it possible that she had really failed the course?
Do you think the lecturer had actually finished marking the whole scripts and had memorized her score to come out and tell her?
What do you think is the lecturer's intention for telling her that she had failed the course?

 After crying for a while, she decided to go to his office to confirm and if possible, give him reasons why she shouldn't fail the course. Do you think her move is a wise thing to do?
What suggestion do you have?


  1. to me Lecturers who tel u ur score b4 d result comes out z afta sumtin.

  2. dat man has plans oooo... beta run 4 ur lyf

  3. hmmmmm... dat lecturer wants to lure her to come to his office so he can do his mind! shame!!!!

  4. I think their is something fishy btw both of them. If I would advise her she should record all their conversation. Then she can have something to hold on to.

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