Life is too short to spend it alone

Some people who are scared of opening up their hearts to feel loved end up being the coldest humans on earth. I will use myself as an example. While growing up i was so withdrawn into my little shell. I never opened my heart to love; not even from my family. I still don't know what i was scared of. I always loved to be on my own. People keep hammering it into my ear that no man is an island so i mustn't distance my self from people because it will affect my social life. Looking back at those days now; i begin to understand why everyone was trying to pull me out of my shell. Today, i have grown so cold towards people. I find it difficult to accept someone or what he or she is even saying. My social life is terrible. I hardly socialize with people. Even when i do, i feel awkward and i get looks from people like they are trying to say ''she is doing it all wrong.'' i wish i could turn back the hands of time so i can correct all my errors and at least open my heart to people. When i see people who are trying to lock their heart away from the world; i call them and tell them to be free with the world!

Now, i feel like i have been foolish trying to be alone and not wanting people around. Today, i always make sure am surrounded by people who would help me grow my social life and make me feel loved because i have realized that 'life is too short to spend it alone''.

So, when you feel you want to shut yourself out of the world or vice versa, think again. I am not saying you shouldn't have your alone or quiet time. Its good you stay alone for a while to give you time to think things through or do some other things you love doing alone. But don't try to make it a habit. Try to open your heart so it won't get stuffy and turn cold.

This life is really not gonna last forever. Its better you share it with people that count in your life.


  1. you just said it all...

  2. sometimes, we just have to be brave and take things as simple as we can. :)


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