Mid-semester break

The best thing that can happen to you is to have the best people surrounding you. For me, I have both my family and friends as the best people around me.

This mid-semester break is a good time to visit people who feel they are studying an almighty course and don't have time to even say 'Hi' to others. My cousin (Michael) suggested we go to Enugu for a tour and probably visit some people.

We went to the park to get a bus (Peace Mass Transit- PMT) and was surprised at how the park was overflowing with students waiting for buses.

With no bus in sight it seems the students were waiting for buses that had taken off to return. This arrangement is not quite cool because it means such drivers knowing they have to hurry to drop their passengers and return to pick more would have to drive fast in order to meet up. Thereby endangering the lives of those onboard. A normal journey of 45 minutes would be cut down to 30 minutes just to make enough money off desperate student-travellers. Michael didn't like the idea and so we moved to the next park. People there were not much but the buses there were filling up fast. We boarded a bus, paid and left the park. The driver was moving very fast, he was driving 120km/h. Some passengers was telling him to slow down but he doesn't seem bothered. On our way we saw buses (PMT) rushing back at high speed to go and pick up students who were waiting. We arrived safely and met our host (Kingsely- who is also a cousin) who took us to his room.

We stepped into the room and my phone rang. I picked and it was my neighbour. They called to know if am alive. They heard that there was an accident involving some buses carrying students and they had called to be sure i was alive. After further investigations, i realized that it was the buses belonging to the park (PMT) with overflowing students. The time and place the accident occurred made it clear to me that if we had waited with those students we would have been in one of the crashed buses. I shivered at the thought of been in one of the buses. I dismissed it and prayed for the lost souls. Kingsley is a 'good' host. He dragged us out to fetch water with him and prepared rice which we ate by 9:45pm. We talked, laughed, played for a long time before he went out to read. There was light so Michael and i occupied ourselves with watching movies. Kingsley came back late in the night while we were still awake and we all had to go to sleep to avoid disturbing anyone. The music was on while we slept and i smiled all through the night for no reason at all.

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