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I am feeling great now; thanks to everyone who remembered me!!

I am a huge fan of technology but i am not yet impressed with it until i can download food online!! This idea will soon change. Sounds weird right? But i tried it while recovering.
While sick, i was so hungry and weak i couldn't even get up to fix something or go out to get what to eat, so i just lay on my bed surfing the net and wishing i could download some food. Then, Eureka! A thought came to my mind. If i can't download food, i can actually order for it. November Cubes Grill and Takeout is an eatery i rush down to whenever i feel like having a quick fat and fast food. They sell lots of cool food there like chips, plaintain, noodles, eggs, beans, sharwarma etc. ''tastes so good, its addictive'' is their motto and i must confess that am addicted already. Mmmmhmmm, Yummy! I can't forget the taste of that food!!! I dashed into the kitchen to fetch one of the plates i had brought back home on one of my outings to NovemberCubes. I checked for the website and found it with ease. I hurriedly typed it into my browser and was shown a world of delicious, mouth-watering food!! After playing around a little, I requested for my favourite (not telling you) and waited.
After a while i heard my doorbell ring and i raced to the door to meet someone smiling like the pizza delivery guy and asking if i had ordered for food and i said yes. I collected my food, paid and pounced on it even before i closed the door.
I finished eating and smiled at technology that has made things a lot easier. So now i can 'download' food online from my home!
If you are looking to order or rather 'download' food online, you can try they don't have branches everywhere but i know they will soon have. Their delivery speed is cool plus they have awesome workers!

Yummy,,, can't wait to 'download' more food!!


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