How To Write A Book Review

I recently learnt how to write a book review like a pro an I want to share. I have been handling some class assignments and I am going to show you how I do it:
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First, i give the title and imprint (that is the details) of the book am trying to review which include title, name of author, ISBN, publishing details, number of pages, price etc.
Then i talk about the theme, style, tone, setting, genre and other little information like point of view and language of the book. Next i discuss the characters in the book starting with the main ones and not forgetting to state the protagonist(s) and antagonist(s). I can choose to mention all the characters or just pick as many as i want. Either way, i mustn't leave out the most important ones.
Then i will go into identifying some of the figures of speech used in the book. Finally, i give a summary of the book. The summary could be a general summary of the book or just chapter by chapter summary depending on the instructions given. Most times i love to include references if i consulted other books.
There you have it! As simple as ABC! I just realized that doing a book review is not that difficult as i have always imagined. Hope you see it that way too!

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