How To Browse Unlimited Using Jumia Free Browsing For MTN

The Jumia free browsing for Mtn was designed to be used only for browsing on their app.

But there are things to do to make you enjoy it outside the Jumia app alone.
Here's how you can do that :
- Simply send Jumapp to 131 from your Mtn line.
- Download Psiphon handler or Simple server.

 For Psiphon, set your Mtn Apn settings as:
Proxy: leave blank
Port: leave blank too
- Launch the Psiphon Handler and select ‘‘real host” under the proxy type
- Under the proxy server, type "" then save.
- Click more options and tick  “connect through an HTTP Proxy” until proxy settings.
- Tick "Use the following settings" then set as follows:
Host Address:
Port: 8080
- Save, connect and start browsing

For Simple Server:
Set your MTN Apn settings as:
Port: 8080
Listen port = 8080
Tick the proxy box
proxy host =
proxy port = 8080
Enable injection box
Injection method = get
Injection query/url =
Injection host =
Injection line = press enter button 4 times
buffer size = 8092
log level = debug
- Save, connect and start browsing.

With the above settings, you can browse and download unlimited with the Jumia free browsing on your MTN.

Enjoy it while it last. 

Latest! Get Working Config File For MTN 2go 3gb Free Browsing Using NetLoop - 2016


Step 1:- Tweak this IMEI 864981012841279 (Remember to change the last 4-5 digits). Step 2:- After tweaking, Text LYTE to 131 to get your 3gb.

Step 3:- Download NetLoop Apk from Playstore. Step 4:- Download the config file from here. Step 5:- Open NetLoop Apk. Step 6:- Click on settings and click load config file.

Step 6:- Then search for the config file you downloaded in your SD Card Step 7:- Connect the app and browse seamlessly


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