Friendship - Rosy Omeje



Some friendships are so strong they even transcend to the next lifetime.

Friends should stick together, the fun they share is not meant to ever end. Some go down, but they have to be together. Real friends care even if you make a mistake. But whats the point of having friends if they will just let you down when it counts! Why keep friends when they may turn round to cause you pain? Even in all these we still need friends we can have fun with and also get help when necessary. You have to be the kind of person you want your friends to be. If you want a friendly person, you have to be friendly. If you want a person that doesn't gossip then you mustn't gossip. Getting a friend and keeping them is fun! I am surrounded with the best people one can call friends and we roll like a family!

So, you can go get a new friend or patch things up with the old ones now!

 Remember, If you need a cool friend, i am right here for you!!! *winks*


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