Somethings i know!

Some people think they know me but it might interest them to know that i do change all the time. What i may do or say next is always a mystery that may leave people dumbfounded or speechless. I don't look for people's approval cause i know who i am and what i can do. I guess that's just who i am. What other people think of me is none of my business; what matters is that i try to be the best of who i am because the best thing you can be is yourself and not really forcing yourself to fit in. I can create anything i imagine and must achieve whatever i set my mind to do. There is no old me nor new me, i just rock all the time! I don't bother myself with what ''was'' but with what ''is'' that's just me and i am not really sure i can change that.

Most times, its always like that with other people! So if you really think you know someone; just relax and check again, you will be surprised to know that you are only sure of their names and nothing else!!!! Instead of just rushing into conclusion, you can get to know someone by asking the person to clarify you or having enough patience to learn about the person. Knowing and understanding others make it easy to co-exist. And co-existing actually means living in peace which we have always wanted! It starts with YOU! Yes! The one in th e mirror!


  1. its sooo annoyin wen ppl tink dey knw evrytin abt u bt cant even say sumtin positive abt u

  2. yeah.... i do tel my friends that too


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