The good thing about tomatoes

Tomatoes are my favourite fruit vegetable.
I call it fruit and vegetable because they serve as both to me!
 It helps to prevent lots of diseases but my favourit part is the fat burner, glowing skin and shiny hair it gives.
I love the taste of the juice on my tongue. I love how it moves through my throat, down to my stomach and aids digestion down there!
 I enjoy including it in almost every dish i know it can go with. Whenever my friend spot slices of tomatoes in my rice; she starts making faces and yells ''yuck!!! Thats so not cool'' but i smack my lips and say ''actually, you really don't know what you are missing!!'' tomatoes are the best, tasty, affordable and popular food item you can come across. Plus you can add it to almost any meal. I can never stay away from biting into tomatoes.
I always eat it even before i knew its health benefits. Most times i just squeeze the juice into a cup and sip it like i would do to any drink! Its nice and it goes down well and refreshes the body after a stressful day.

Next time you are cutting, grinding or cooking with tomatoes; do well to grab one and have a bite. It doesn't hurt! You can close your eyes and squeeze your face while you throw one into your mouth just to clear your doubts!

 It can also be used for other things aside garnishing and cooking. I use it to treat acne and keep my face smooth. You can mash it and spread it on your face for a while before wahing it off.
It is really good for acne treatment and it leaves your face smooth. Enjoy and spread the news!


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