Psiphon IPless Settings For ETISALAT 0.00 and SocialME

Lately I have been using this etisalat free browsing and it has been helpful. Unfortunately it stopped working for a while and I had to seek for help. I got help from a friend and decided to share with those who are in a similar situation.  So I would tell you how how to make Etisalat 0.00 and socialme work again with Psiphon. The good thing is that it is working flawlessly and needs no magic or fast IP because it is IPless.

So simply follow this instructions and configure your apn and psiphon settings.

- First set your APN: Etisalat
Leave every other thing empty and save it as your default APN

- then go to your psiphon and tick remove port
Proxy Type:     Real host
Proxy Server:
Real Proxy Type: Inject
Real proxy server: empty
Real proxy port:  80
- Goto options and select region:    United States
- then more options: don't tick anything (no IP, no port)
-Click on Connect and start rocking it.

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