An Open Letter To Girls who try to "break the internet"

Hey girls.. ..

A good number of times.. Yeah... A good number is the number of times I have seen pictures, posts, news articles etc showing unclad body today. Not just that but average each time I access any form of social media. I wonder why girls decide to be so ambitious as to set out to "break the Internet". Impressive? Nah. Breaking the internet simply means causing a large commotion on the world wide web with many social networking sites and news outlets discussing the same thing. Well, I may not get to meet some of you or sit and have a drink, you may not even know me, much less look to me for advice on your personal life or decisions but let me be the friend to you that you're obviously lacking. ( I say that because if my friends find my unclad pictures on the internet, I am doomed. if I were to ever, ever speak to any of my friends of a goal like "break the Internet" or mention my intention to take and publish unclad picturess they would intervene, swiftly and relentlessly. They would tell me the truth and speak wisdom into my life, or tie me up until I come back to my senses, either one. Or both. And my sisters - I won't even dare to look at them and say anything like that. One of them (or all) would surely but lovingly punch me in the throat. I'm sorry you don't have such people or you do but fail to listen to them) This is me being that for you.
All the unclad girls I have stumbled upon have a beautiful body. Their faces are beautiful and they seem to look nice and friendly. But honestly, this goal of theirs to break the Internet.. I mean.. I get the unclad pictures publicity stuff. But the idea itself sort of blows my mind. If I envy anything about them, it's their apparent mass quantities of free time. As a full time student who has little or no time to herself, I honestly wish I had the kind of time it must take to get bored enough to come up with a goal like "break the Internet". Okay enough blabbing. You're a girl. I'm a girl. We may have some differences and common ground. So here's what you need to hear. {Desperately.}.... Have you thought about what happens when people around you who trusts, loves and appreciate you gets to see it? Have you imagined what your kids will say or feel when they realize that their "Mom" had done funny things just to be "known". All their life, wherever they go, whoever they become, they will always hear about your unclad body. They will hear the praises, and the applause, and they will be wounded by the whispers. But that's not even what hurts my heart the most. What hurts me is that while most of us (the clad people) are out here slugging it out with this enormous battle every day, you just became the battle to your own kids and maybe spouse.
You may have just declared war on your own kids' self image. That breaks my heart as a girl, a friend, and as a sister. You just set a subliminal standard for your kids that their sweet little self image will be steamrolled by every single time someone mentions Mommy's little soft porn / Internet breaking goal. Most times you may bend down and whisper to girls everywhere, this is who you're supposed to be, and you may loudly whisper it to your own kids. You just don't know yet. On the other hand, I think maybe you should work really hard and get a degree and post pictures of that or do a mind blowing activity that can change the world for good and post pictures of it too. (I honestly think that would break the Internet faster. No offense.) Come up with a better goal and try to do something that will give to the generations of women yet to come. Much love from me, a girl expressing herself!


  1. wow..... atleast someone is tinking like me!!

  2. i love it wen ppl say deir minds... keep it up!


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