Four ways to stay out of trouble

Getting into trouble is really not my thing and so I try as much as I can to avoid it.
Well, here are four things I never forget to do when I see trouble or a fight coming.

1. Smile; when someone is trying to get me mad, I just smile and wave his actions away and not letting it get to me.

2. Breathe: this is very important because it makes me relax and allows me think of what next to do that won't cause a fight.

3. Listen: I just let you say everything you have in mind and keep nodding where necessary. This works a lot for me because I am
a good listener and I have little or no problem keeping quiet and listening to you go on and on.

4. Say nothing and walk away: this is my favourite part; when I realize you are already steaming for trouble or even a fight, I just shut up and move away slowly. This helps a lot because only people who have time on their hands will stand and keep talking when they see a fight coming! Its good to stay out of trouble because it makes you grow fresher and lovelier because fighting only saps your energy and makes you grumpy!
So next time you see a fight coming your way; it will do you a lot of good to run away from it and save yourself the embarrassment if you happen to lose!

Enjoy a "fight-free" week.
I hope you stay out of troble the best way you can.

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