The Birthday of all birthdays!

Guess whose Birthday it is today!!!!!! Wait for it! Yeah! Its Blessed Mary's Birthday!!! Woah, the feelings I get now seeing people running around and pushing a giant cake towards the Church is amazing! This Birthday is going to be a great one!!! Can't wait to hit the Church in the evening and have a bite of the Virgin Mary's Birthday cake! Don't forget, you are also invited to drop into anywhere you see the celebration going on and join to wish our Saviour's Mum a Happy Birthday! Let me drop my own Birthday wish here. "Happy Birthday Queen of the most Holy Rosary, Queen of the World, Mother of divine mercy and Virgin most Prudent! No need wishing you long life and prosperity because you are already prosperous and living eternally. So we ask that you intercede for us so we can also join you and live the life with you! Well, telling you to have fun because its your day is not really necessary because you are fun itself and you can make any day fun filled." Okay, this is the most difficult Birthday wish to come up with! All I can say now is Happy Birthday Mother of perpertual help, I wish that all your wishes to bring more souls to you come true. I will be dropping into Saint Kizito Catholic Church to celebrate the Birthday. What about you?

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