How to fill in your eyebrows!

Hello everyone!
You are not gonna believe it!!
Finally, after practicing for long and almost giving up i can now fill in my eyebrows on my own without stress!!! Whooohoo!!! Well, here's how i achieved that gorgeously carved eyebrows!

First, i pick up my 'house of tara' eye pencil (i use colour 18 because thats the one thats fit my eyebrows more) and draw a line underneath my eyebrow starting slightly away from the inner corner of my eyebrow to the desired shape i want, then i repeat the same thing on top of my eyebrow connecting the two ends.
After i have outlined the eyebrow, i then fill it in with the pencil still avoiding the inner corner. Then i grab a mascara wand and brush the inner part of the pencil markings to fade it and smooth it a bit. Then with my handy 'signarita eyeshadow' and an inkbrush, i then fill in my eyebrow where i made the pencil markings. With the leftover eyeshadow on the brush; i lightly fill in the inner part of my eyebrow which gives it a faded effect. Then i pick my mascara wand and brush the inner part of my eyebrow to fade and smooth it to reduce any harshness.
Then with my 'mac concealer' and a flat brush, i underline my eyebrow (top and bottom) to give it a more defined shape and to clean it up. After that i continue to clean up my eyebrow and blend out any concealer i have applied.

And there you have it!
Thats how i filled in my supercute eyebrows.
Hope you learnt something??

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