How to get google adsense approval in a short time

   Trust me, I was forced to post this. I have received two emails requesting for it and I just decided to talk about it here.
I will just drop some things I know for some time now about How to get an approved google adsense account. I aint no google adsense master but I have learnt a lot to teach someone! Some people have been frustrated by google adsense replies to their adsense application (seriously, I don't know why. My friend told me its ALMOST equal to God not answering an urgent prayer request! Sounds crazy to me), so am going to give you some tips on how to get it if only you are willing to work it out.


 There are lots of other alternatives (but some people say none is as interesting as google adsense! Alright, I get it).
  First of all you need a blog or website (you can also use adsense other places like youtube but a blog/website is a better idea). Next, you choose a niche (your area of specialization eg health, fashion, lifestyle, relationship etc you can have more than one niche. For me, I make random posts about different niche! Now that's called multi niche). Then you start making posts; not just any posts but unique posts that aren't copied verbatim from other websites! For me, I just pick a topic I know I can write on and start writing and it just flows and before I know it, I already have a unique post (gotten from writing what's on my mind). Well, I don't know if everyone is gifted that way but trust me, if you have something to write on, the ideas must come to you. On a second thought, if you are thinking of "copying" someone else's work; then there are two things involved. 1. Either you copy it and insert the link at the bottom of the post or. 2. You copy the "idea" and rephrase the whole thing in your own words. Either way is cool.
 Remember that each of your posts should have keywords (a word or words search engines use to bring up your page when someone search for something eg adsense is a keyword, so when I go to and type adsense, all the pages of a site containing the word will appear), should contain over 500 words (let's just say over 500 to be on the safe side because google love long posts. Please don't make your posts too long and boring, your readers may not like it), and should have images (at least one! You can make your own custom image using photoshop, paint, corel draw etc or get one from the internet).
  Next thing is to work on your traffic. If you have cool posts and enough keywords; you will surely get traffic from search engines. But don't rely only on that. Share your posts everywhere possible. Connect all your social media accounts to your blog and make sure your blog posts appear there. Also enable your blog to automatically share posts on google plus. Join bloggers community and exchange urls where necessary. A little trick I use is visiting other blogs or websites and dropping MEANINGFUL comments on posts with my google account id and placing my url alongside my comment (this helps me a lot because other users who read my comment tend to click my link).
  Next thing is to add contact, about, sitemaps and privacy policy pages on your blog (if you don't know who to write all that you can check mine to get an idea of what to do or check my next post on adding relevant pages to your blog.
  Finally, check google adsense policies and be sure your site is not having anything against their policies. You can now start thinking about applying for google adsense when you have at least 30 posts and a reasonable amount of traffic.
  With these tips am sure you will get the google adsense approval in a short time. Have any question, the comment box is not far. Goodluck!


  1. Thanks for sharing though. I tried applying but I go rejected. They said I have broken links! Any ideas how I can fix it??

  2. Helpppppp. My traffic z ntin to write about even with all my backlinks! I want to try paid traffic. Do u tink its ok? Can u suggest some gud ones gor me?

  3. Much appreciated

  4. I want to know why I am always rejected even after making the repairs they suggested!

  5. What's in this adsense??? Why is everyone always looking up to it?? Nowadays if u have a blog no adsense u will be seen as unserious! Why??


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