How To Unlock Your Locked Phone Without Formatting

I was so mad when I realized I had forgotten the pattern of my phone I had lost a while ago! 
After searching the net , I saw something interesting and decided to share. 

If you forget your password or pattern and looking for a way to unlock without formatting, then try this. 

Unfortunately, it only works for rooted  devices, so rooted phones only enjoy it. 

First download Aroma File manager for your pc Here

Then follow the instructions below :

1. Copy Aroma File from your PC to your memory card 

2. Turn off your device completely and Open your recovery (press 
volume Down Power button for 5sec to enter please press them at the 
same time not one after the other recovery mode) 

3. There will be an option in recovery called "mount". Go to that 
option and then mount all cache , system, etc. 

4. Then select "update" and select"apply update from SD/external" and 
select aroma file (the file you downloaded) 

5. After Flashing or updating, the aroma file manger will open. Use 
volume keys for up/down and power button to select like you use in 

6. In Aroma File Manager, Go to menu,which is located in bottom strip 
and then select Settings. 

7. Go to bottom and select "mount all partition in startup" then exit 
from aroma file manger. 

8. Now after exit , re-update that aroma file again and it will open again. 

9. Go to data >> System. Then find"gesture.key" (for pattern lock) 
and"password.key" (for password lock) then long touch on gesture.key 
or password.key and some option will beprompted, choose delete and 
delete that file and restart your device 

10: Restart your phone and your device will be Unlocked. 

Try it and let us know. 

It worked for me, hope it does for you too.


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  2. wow... i will try those tips now! thamks for sharing

  3. cool>> sounds like something i will share


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