How to make your eyeshadow last longer!

Hi guys! I just stumbled upon how i can finally make my eyeshadow last longer on my eyelids! I have always loved to have my eyeshadow on a little longer! I was getting tired of seeing my eyeshadow wear off quickly! This has made me always want to apply more which makes it look too much on my face! Well, thats over now because i have finally tried a little trick someone taught me! I call it my little magical eyeshadow trick (its not really a trick though! Lol). So, if you have a primer you are good to go. But if you don't; chill, your foundation or concealer will be there to rescue you! First, i applied a little quantity of my primer (concealer or foundation can also be used here) as a base to the top of my eyelids (with my eye closed) and blended it in. I apply this because it helps my eyeshadow last longer and also prevent the oils from creasing up the shadows. After that, i set it with a little bit of powder to keep it lasting longer just like the old fashioned way! Then i apply all the shades/colours of eyeshadow i want and am set to go with me thinking less abot having my eyeshadow wear off quick. Thats it! As simple as ABC! I hope you try it too and share the experience!!! Enjoy!

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